99 Welding Project Ideas : Take Creativity to Another Level

Living in a world that’s carved out of metal. Sounds impossible, right? But what if you could change the world around you, if not the entire globe? We are talking about some extraordinary art that you can make by using a few metal sheets, and a premium quality welding machine.

It’s fun, it is creative, and most importantly it’s the best way to stamp your passion on people’s minds. And who knows within a few days, you get a long list of buyers waiting for you to design things for them through your impeccable welding skills. 

So if you’re getting out of artistic concepts, then here are cool 99 welding project ideas that can make everyone go crazy bonkers for you.

Cool Welding Project Ideas For Begineers, Home or To sell

#1. Doorbell

You should start your welding project with this DIY welding table as it the perfect platform to do all your future welding projects.

This simple table requires straight metal pieces to be welded together to form a frame. The most recommended metals are either stainless steel or cast iron. This table gives you the freedom of working with varying sized objects. Also, it is strong enough to put up with heavy objects.

Check out these instructions and start your project now!

#2. Barbeque

Who doesn’t love grilling during the summer?

There are so many super easy, very cheap, and cool barbeque grill ideas that will help you add some feel to your backyard!

This design used an unused old engine block. You need to spend more than three days on this project ( the fabrication and modification process can take more than 90 hrs.). But once the project is done, you will know that it’s worth spending time!

#3. Coffee Table

Enjoy your evening coffee with your handmade coffee table!

You can be an amateur, an expert, or an intermediate; you can always make a handmade coffee table very easily. It’s a great welding project for beginners.

The coffee table can be really expensive, sometimes. Why not create an inexpensive coffee table of your own then? Follow this design. The design is very simple, and the table can withstand most things you throw at it. Remember to use the tools with proper safety.

#4. Stainless Steel Shower

Imagine taking a shower with your handmade stainless steel shower. Isn’t it a great idea?

No need to spend so much money on your shower now. Just follow these steps and make one of your own. This is a cool and long-lasting design.

Start the project with planning and prepare the foundation. This is indeed a great idea to save your wallet. Take the challenge and start the project!

#5. Hanging steel shelves

Add this simple and light shelf to your room to give a new character to it. The design fits certain voids in the awkward spaces.

You will be impressed with its strength and modern industrial look. Follow this easy-to-make effective design. The shelf bracket gives a simplistic and light look. Try making at least two hanging brackets.

Plus point is, you can adapt this basic design and apply it to several different projects!

#6. Firepit

Enjoy the cool summer nights with your fire pit!

The store-bought fire pits are made of thin sheet metal and last for a year or two. So, why not make a long-lasting portable firepit of your own? You should watch this design as it’s beefed up with 3/16 material to give it more longevity.

Take this basic idea, change it up, and make it your own! You can add more decoration to it or change the sides.

#7. Steel Vase

Turn the scrap steel into a beautiful vase. You can do this project in many ways and many designs. You have no idea how you can use free discarded stuff and make an amazing steel vase.

You will need a TIG welder for this project. If you love rustic looks, then try this design. Keep it in your living space and add character to your space.

Get an idea, sketch your plans, follow these nine steps, and start your project!

#8. Creative Log Burner Fireguard

We all know how hot a log burner gets when in use. Make this amazing log burner fireguard to avoid your children toughing the burner accidentally.

Your children will still be able to go near the log burner and add fuel. But they will not be hurt. Isn’t it a great idea?

Moreover, fireguard is great to watch. Enjoy the fire with your family.

#9. Candle Light Tree

Create this beautiful candlelight tree stand using steel rods. Use your creativity and make a unique candlelight tree stand of your own.

Whoever tries this project ends up having a unique candlelight tree. The materials needed in this project will vary depending on your preferences.

The simple minimalist look of the stand attracts everyone. Moreover, you can add a natural glow of fire into it. It would be best if you tried out this fun and relaxing DIY project.

#10. Simple Stool

Try out this simple and sturdy stool design. Sometimes less is more, you know!

If you are a beginner, then you must try this project as you will learn a lot about welding, cutting, grinding, and finishing metals. This practice will help you in your future furniture projects.

You can change the dimensions and shape of the stool. This design will help you get the basic ideas.

This simple yet elegant design will make everyone wanting to sit on it!

#11. Doorbell

Doorbells from old cylinders are quite common. Isn’t it? Then why not add your own mark to it?

Check out this article. You will need an old argon cylinder and steel (you can work with discarded steels!).

You can mount this unique doorbell to your front door or other places to give a unique look to your space.

#12. Lamp from Steel Nuts

If you are new to welding and love a rustic design, then start with this project. You will love doing this project as it turns out pretty good, even if you are a beginner. And most importantly, you can add your creativity to it and give it any shape you want!

You will need some steel nuts and a 5mm steel rod for this project. Learn the basics from this video.

#13. Horseshoe Puzzle

Do you love puzzles? Then this idea is the perfect option!

In this project, you will permanently join two horseshoes with small sections of the chain. You will also need a metal ring that will be encircling the chains, and you will have to remove it from the apparatus. It’s not that easy as it seems, haha.

Add this fun idea to your homemade puzzles collection!

#14. Serving Bar

This serving bar has a 1×1 inch steel tube frame wrapped on the three sides ( with corrugated metal). You have to use a MIG welder for this project. 

The top of this bar is made with stainless steel. It has one inch rolled edge. There is plenty of space in the wooden shelves in the back.

Get your minibar now!

#15. Welded Portraits

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make welded portraits of your favorite person or character? Give your loved one a weldable life following these instructions!

For this project, you will need a picture of the one you want to make a welded portrait. Then you will have to do the image transfer, TIG welding, discoloration, and filler metal process.

You will love the result as it will look incredibly realistic!

#16. Hanging Sign

Welcome your guests to your store, hotel, or house with this creative hanging sign design.

This hanging sign is very simple and attractive. If you have little knowledge about welding and metalworking, then you can create this beautiful piece. You can change the sign’s shape, add more decoration, and make it your unique design.

Try to make it as noticeable and attractive as possible.

#17. Mini Atomium

The process is really easy.

At first, you will have to understand the Atomium structure. You will need some scrap steel, a metal plate, and some wood pieces. Use a good polish to keep your piece of work nice and shiny and prevent it from rusting.

The mini Atomium is so satisfying to look at. And it makes a nice sculpture. Create your own mini Atomium following these easy steps!

#18. Spoon Flower

Give a glowing touch to your urban garden or flower bed with this simplistic trash to treasure spoonflower.

Plus point of this small metal sculpture project is you can complete it in a few hours. Using eight large soup spoons and two forks at a minimal cost, you can create this clever spoonflower. You can use the scrap spoons for this project.

The fun part of this project is to assemble the flower. You will love the result. And don’t forget to add some permanent shining to it.

#19. Portable Work Station

Whatever your profession be, you will always find a portable work station helpful. Moreover, it provides you with a large space to store your materials. Now, you will not misplace your tools anymore.

The metals used in this project are recycled from the garbage. The positive side of this workstation is you can move it whenever you want, wherever you want. The rim rolls nicely; you can move it very easily to a new place.

#20. Stainless Steel Fireplace Screen

Protect your fireplace with this amazing stainless steel fireplace screen design!

The whole thing is TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welded. The process is mainly divided into three assemblies: frame with rods, screen, and feet. Start the process with the frame. After it’s done, all you will be needing is a fire behind it.

Stainless steel is used in this process for durability and its beautiful appearance.

#21. House Shaped Trellis

Make an amazing addition to your garden with these steps.

Start the project with a sketch plan. This will help you plan the whole process, and you will understand how to proceed. Once the project is done, you will find the trellis really strong. If you want, you can add a wooden shelve to it.

The height of the trellis is perfect for easy access. Moreover, it brings beauty to your garden.

#22. Firewood Storage Dolly

The advantage of this dolly is you can transport and store wood next to the fireplace. The clean lines and the design elements make the dolly presentable enough to keep it in the living room.

Make your firewood storage dolly following these steps. The design mostly depends on the wheels you will be using.

This is a useful hack. You must try it as it lessens your work as well as add character to your space.

#23. Jewelry Holder

Make your jewelry holder as innovative as you can. The project is very simple; you just have to weld small steel pieces together and give it the tree’s shape. 

Then you need to create a base by welding the steel pieces so that it can stand on a dresser or table. The base can be square, round, rectangular, any shape you want.

Similarly, you can give the jewelry holder a different look instead of the shape of a tree. Be it a realistic or rustic steel look; the end result will be worth spending time.

#24. Rustic Tricycle Planter

You can use this stunning rustic tricycle planter either for garden decor or inside the house. The workpiece provides a beautiful sight with the three baskets for flowerpots. This project will contribute largely to the appearance of your balcony, room, porch, and terrace, etc. 

This planter can be a nice gift to give your loved ones.

You will need a manual bending machine and angle grinder for this project. This planter is suitable for not too lush plants.

#25. Modern Outdoor Table

If you are into modern-looked furniture, then this is a great project for you. Don’t judge by its look; this table is really easy to make. You can create this table with a welded metal base. Also, you will need some steel bars for the project.

Start with a sketch plan, and follow the instructions. Then everything will fall into places.  You can give the legs a different look. Dimensions are always your choice. Make one now!

#26. Full Dining Table Set

Follow these instructions to create a fantastic dining table set. This can be a great addition to your space.

This set is made of steel square tubing and dimensional lumber. You will need to stock the lumber for a minimum of one week so that it can acclimate to your home’s moisture level. You will need a band saw, chop saw, grinder, or a metal cutting hand saw for cutting metals.

This dining table set will serve for a long time.

#27. Tee Desk

You can fill a space of your room with this beneficial tee desk. It can be a great place to spend time doing your favorite works!

The desk is sturdy enough. However, making the desk can be a simple task for you.

The first step of making the desk is to determine the dimensions and shape of the desk. You have to carefully determine as the desk needs to fit your space perfectly. Also, the right size can make a big difference to your room décor.

#28. Simple Park Bench

A park bench is a persistent piece of outdoor furniture that has been existing for a long period. It comforts people going to parks, places with lovely views, play areas, and many other places. You will be amazed knowing how easy it is to make a park bench!

You can make one and place it in your backyard or garden, or the free space in your shops. Follow this plan. Here, you will find sketches that you will more help you get the techniques more easily. This bench has a simple yet durable metal construction.

#29. Targets

If you are a shooter, then this project is for you. You must know how tiring it is to replace the targets every time they get hit. Well, this project will help you strike the target!

The author used 8 inch plates in this project. Plates are welded on 8’ long flat bar pieces so that the flat bars can hold and mount the plates. Diagrams in the instruction will help you understand the process thoroughly.

#30. Mudroom Bench

Form your backyard garden to the mudroom, this sturdy bench will serve you for various purposes. It satisfies you with its strength and durability. A wooded bench might rot over time, or the fittings might give away, but this welded bench will serve you a long way. Moreover, you can custom-design it for your particular needs.

This sturdy bench is made of one inch square tube steel. You can mix metal and wood for this project. However, you will need to choose a durable wood for this bench.

#31. Patio Bench

This sketch will help you make a simplistic outdoor bench.

The project requires some subtle cuts and angles that are worth noting. You will need both metal and wooden parts for this project. The metal bars are designed in such a way so that it can hold the wooded slats in place.

Remember, you can create a big difference between rigidity and comfort by a slight change of angle. So, be careful during the project.

#32. Metal Fence

If you an intermediate professional level welder, then you can try this project. This 35 ft. long and 8 ft. tall metal fence is made for a commercial building. You can make it for your home following this video.

The process will take a lot of your time; also lots of welding. So, make sure you have enough time and energy before getting into this project. The welder used a wall, rectangular tubing, some hinges, and 1 inch square tube pickets.

#33. Metal Heart

Don’t toss the old bike chain away. Instead, use it to make a lovely heart. Or you can grab one from a local shop if you don’t have it.

You will need welding equipment, chain cuts, hammer, and plier for this project. The process is very simple. You have to cut the chains into a length (length is your choice). Then give it a heart shape, mark the areas you want to weld. Finally, weld it. It’s done!

#34. Grilling Basket

It can be a perfect gift for any barbeque lover. This practical barbeque tool will help you barbequing food while traveling, camping, or any other occasion.

Now, you won’t need the barbeque tools to prepare barbeque on the open fire. You can hold this tool over the fire (for this, you will have to make the handle longer. This grilling basket is heat and rust-resistant, non-toxic, and durable.

The construction is pretty simple. Follow this plan to make one yourself.

#35. Horseshoe Dutch oven Holder

If you cook with a Dutch oven and don’t wanna burn a hole in your table, then it can be an excellent tool for you. Put the holder on the table, then the hot oven on it, and serve!

The tool needs three horseshoes to be welded together, one steel rod, and one Engine Enamel can. A single support bar is attached to each of the 3 points to make the tripod stand. You can use this tool as a serving tray for outdoor barbeque parties and many other occasions.

#36. A Gate

Most of the metal for this project were stock steel. This welding work is fascinating as you get to decorate it in various ways. Well, you might find this project a bit challenging, as it requires a lot of space.

Some special hinges were used here. Those hinges use gravity to close the gate. For this project, you must ensure that the gate swings in the right direction. So, you have to pay a lot of attention to lining up and weighing the gate.

#37. Star Light

This 95mm thick and 475mm tall starlight is super fun to make even if you are a newbie. The welder found inspiration from the Paper lantern lights. The welder used steel rods to line out the form of lantern shape.

You will have to be precise while giving a long cut to the sharp points of the star. The process is simple. Cut the rods, give them a star shape, and weld! Don’t stop after one round. Make as many as you wish. You can give it any color you want. Make your room colorful!

#38. Wall Clock

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep time with your handmade clock? Well, yeah!

You can give your wall clock any look if you know the basics. To get the idea of perfect dimensioning, follow this idea. Here, the welder used 5/16 in. round rod (for numbers) and ¼ in. round mild steel for both inner and outer circles. A 4 in. exhaust pipe was used for the center housing. Finish the project with a semi-gloss black paint.

#39. Corner Desk

Don’t waste your free space. Fill it with your handmade handy corner desk.

A corner desk will serve many purposes. Also, you can spend quality time yourself.

Follow these instructions. The substantial looking legs are welded from tube steel, and maple butcher block slab is used as the desktop. The welder gave a finishing touch by threading on the adjustable feet. The stabilizing bars between the end frames give the desk a classy look.

#40. Shephard’s Hooks

This project is an interesting one, as it includes art. You can create this design using a mild steel sheet metal. A grape leaf inspires this model. 

The grapes are made with large nuts having ¼ in. round bar spaces in the middle. It would help if you overheated the grapes to get the purple color. You can make this project following any fruit or fruit leaf. Use it as a planter hanger, flag holder, etc.

#41. Stainless Door

This idea is a bit different from others as no TIG, or MIG welder is required here. The door is made with stick welding. The mainframe is made using 1×3 in. pipe, 1×2″ for the middle design, and the sheets’ support structure requires ½ in. square pipe.

Installation is the easiest part of this project. The author used self-tapping screws rather than welding the hinges permanently to the door frames.

#42. Steel Rose

Rose is always a great way to show your love. Now, what if you could make one yourself and gift someone? The rose will never fade away.

For this beautiful scrap art, you will require a stainless steel pipe. Cut it and give the pieces a rose petal shape. Now, it’s time to give them a rose shape. Finally weld! 

You can cut more steel pipes to give the shape of leaves and stems. Even if you don’t gift it to someone, it can be a great addition to your collection!

#43. Nested Cube Butcher Block Tables

Create some fun addition to your favorite space with this beautiful design. Moreover, it will be more fun if you have an extra couch-side table. However, there always remains a space problem. But, you don’t have to worry about space anymore because this smart design will allow you to slip one under another.

So, you can save your space as well as enjoy all the benefits of the table. Follow these steps to learn more.

#44. Balcony laundry drying rack

This practical and simple balcony laundry drying rack is ideal for mounting on terrace or balcony railing. You will love this practical tool.

In this project, the entire rack is created from 5mm thick steel wire. The advantage of this project is you don’t need precision here. You can cut off the wire to your desired length and fold it according to the sketch.

In case you want to paint it, make sure that you use quality paint that won’t leave any stain on your dry clothes.


Welding is just not about slicing and joining metals using extreme heating. It’s art that can change the entire world’s perspective. With great welding equipment, strong dedication, and love for your passion, you can create mind-boggling things that can take the world by storm. 

So, whether it’s about making a small and beautiful tapered bar stool, a relaxing hammock rocking chair. Some attractive little coffee tables, or a complete dining table set. Or any other enchanting showpiece, such as a metal flower bouquet, a tandem bike, and even a Go-Kart buggy. The above 99 welding project ideas can always keep you busy in inspiring the world.

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