Speedglas 9100xxi Review : Is This The One To Go For?

3M from the beginning is making welding helmets for all categories and configurations. 3M makes premium welding helmets. Speedglas is one of the most-liked and preferred types. If you are interested check out our article comparison between Esab Sentinel a50 vs Speedglas helmet.

Speedglas 9100 xxi is the latest model of the 3M headgears. This welding helmet is excellent for people who work for extended periods. It is also ideal for security and miscellaneous works.

But what makes it the most premium welding helmet of all times? Let’s look at the Speedglas 9100xxi review: 

Speedglas 9100xxi Review
Key Features & Specifications

Wide-angle viewing. 11.76 square inches

Allows easily recognize colors & improved optics

Silver Front Panel with external controls

light shade 3

Enabling quick entry to memory modes & grinding

Micro-plasma and gas-welding shade

Sensitivity settings & Heat protection

Increased vision from sides

Solar panel

Arc 3 detection sensors enable the auto-darkening filter

Viewing Area -> 2.8" x 4.2"

Shades -> 5

Filters -> 8-13

Batteries -> 2 Lithium Metal Batteries

Battery life -> Approx. 2000 hours

Weight -> 1 Pound

Dimensions -> 11 x 11 x 10 inches

What’s included?

NEMA 6-50 Plug Wire on cord end

110 v plug adaptor

Foot pedal

Argon regulator

9 feet ground clamp

9 feet stick holder

14 feet Tir torch with WP17 head

Consumables for the torch

Gas line

Trigger switch

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3M Speedglas 9100XXi Helmet 06-0100-30iSW

The 3M Speedglas welding helmet 9100 Xxi with an auto-darkening feature is the flagship version of 3M Speedglas category. It was created after a considerable amount of attention to detail. The research and consultation played an essential role in making of the helmet.

Award-winning design made sure that the helmet does not get any damage. Strain and leverage damage and acupuncture were tested. There is a built-in suspension system with two layers on the head and one crown side. It prevents pressure on the neck and keeps the head stable and composed.

3m Speedglas lens
source: mt.rsdelivers.com

The pads on the helmet can be adjusted due to inbuilt straps for all sizes. If we talk about the glass, it prevents UV and IR from crossing the glass. It meets the mechanical rating of ANSI Z87.1-2010.

The 3M Speedglas 9100 Xxi auto-darkening feature allows it to be used for MIG, Stick and TIG welding works. With its true tone improved optics, it allows you to recognize colors easily. This in turn helps to focus more on your work.

3m Speedglas 9100xxi
source: craigmoreonline.co.uk

Key Features of 3M Speedglas 9100Xxi Review

# Viewing Angle

The viewing angle plays an essential role in the welding helmet. Welders prefer welding helmets which are wide-angled. It is a crucial element for working in complicated places.

The 3M Speedglas has an auto-darkening feature which enhances the viewing area with three arc sensing units. It enhances the clarity of the viewer by ten times hence resulting in improving the accuracy of vision. “Accuracy of Vision” is a term that means lens adjusting light levels.

It has three arc sensors which offer effective detection of for when an arc is selected which instantly begins the light-to-dark shift finishing it in approximately 0.1 ms. When the helmet needs to switch from dark-to-light shade, it takes 40-250 ms.

Take an example of our eyes, when we go to a darker place such as cinema, it adjusts according to the light. The same way, when we come out, our eyes adjust according to the light entering the lens. The lens of the 3M Speedglas welding helmet works in the same way.

In this way, the wielder can concentrate on the work. He does not need to manually adjust the light anymore, all thanks to 3M auto-darkening feature.

# Comfort

The 3M Speedglas is made for your comfort. Just as you need it, it will provide you with everything. With the ergonomically designed suspension, the helmet is second to none.

Starting from the smooth and adjustable shield; you need not worry because it can be adjusted anytime. The welder can change the settings of suspension and strap. The ergonomic design means that the helmet does not put a strain on the head, neck, and shoulders and easily fits the head size ranging from 50 to 64 cm approximately. The pressure on nerves is also relieved. All thanks to 3M innovation.

Exhaust vents help in breathing and prevent humidly. It improves air quality and prevents fogging on the glass of the helmet.

# Shade of the 3M Speedglas

The shade is the most crucial factor in welding helmets. The sensitivity of the shades is adjusted by turning on the shade button on the helmet. The shade ranges from 5,8 and 9-13 depending on the environment you are working.

While selecting the shade, the user will see a series of shadows on the screen. The shades on the screen can be selected depending on the nature of work. 3M helmet comes with five sensitivity levels. Each of them is for a different type of welding work.

# Excellent for Expert Welders

If you are in need for the helmet which is on point and according to the description 3M Speedglas is one. 3M Speedglas 9100 xxi is hands down the best helmet for experts. This helmet will endure whatever is in front.

# Weight and Dimensions

When it comes to portability and dimensions, the Speedglas has a moderate weight. 3M Speedglas 9100 xxi weighs 1.0 pounds. Thanks to the innovative design and comfort, which makes it extremely lightweight.

# Pricing

3M Speedglas 9100 xxi is not cheap option but is preferred by many expert workers. The functionality that comes with it justifies the price tag. Hence the ones who have to buy a premium product like this will buy it nonetheless the price.


After looking at the Speedglas 9100xxi reviews, it shows that this is a premium build for workers. Keeping in view the primary function of a helmet is protection. These series go beyond the safety, offering much more than what is called security. So, it is safe to say that this is the best helmet out there. 

It justifies the price because of the features. With features like auto-darkening, five shade filter and ergonomic design. This helmet stands out from the rest of the helmets in this category.

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