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ER70S2 vs ER70S6 : Their Essence In Arc Welding

Arc welding is a common activity widely used by welders in various applications at work. These can be in the construction and repair of ships at sea, buildings, and vehicles. Moreover, in pipeliners, pipefitters, and boilermakers, this is a constant demand work activity done by welders.  Arc welding is carried out by either experienced professionals […]

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6011 vs 6013 Welding Rod : What Is the Difference?

Welding is a common work activity done in various industries and factories across the globe. The areas of its application include farming, sea activities such as ship repair and construction, mining, and construction.  To ensure success in arc welding a welding rod also called an electrode is necessary.  source: What is an electrode? Scientifically, […]

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Ahp Alphatig 201xd vs 200x : Which Is Better?

No matter how similar two machines look, passionate welders can see the difference loud and clear.  The Ahp Alphatig 201xd Vs 200x has been an ongoing debate for quite a while now, and many people can’t decide which one to opt for. So, this piece will explore the similarities and differences between the features and […]

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