Primeweld Tig225x Review : Is It Worth the Hype?

Welders can be quite expensive and getting the right one is undoubtedly an important decision to make. But with the current saturation in the market and continuous influx of more models onto the shelves, the choice gets tougher day by day! This PrimeWeld Tig225x Review will help you take the leap.

Every welder looks admirable, and if you don’t know much about these machines, you probably think all of them are good enough to buy. But that is not always the case, and finding the welder that delivers in terms of performance and features impeccably is not an easy feat. 

However, PrimeWeld Tig225x is one such option. The welder looks modern and stylish with excellent specifications. But is it suitable for your needs and requirements? This PrimeWeld Tig225x Review will help you figure out just that!

Primeweld Tig225x Review
  • It is aesthetically pleasing
  • A simple and easy-to-navigate design
  • Large range of settings and options
  • It provides great value for money
  • It comes with lots of accessories
  • The manual is not of much help.
  • It is really expensive

Who Is This Welder Designed for?

PrimeWeld Tig225x aims to target modern welders looking for an assistant machine to help them finish their welding jobs faster and easier. This machine is perfect for professional and hobbyist welders with minimum to maximum-priority welding jobs to accomplish on a usual basis. Welders who want quality and can invest in the required budget will be thrilled to have this bad boy!

However, those who do not need the advanced features and accessories and have a limited budget, should consider something else (primeweld ct520d review) that fits their requirements and criterion better.

Primeweld Tig225x Review

Key Benefits of Primeweld Tig225x Review

In this section, you will explore the dynamic features of PrimeWeld Tig225x and how they make the welder machine unique and worth the money.

# Design and Appearance

Some people don’t pay attention to the exterior and presentation of a welder machine, but if you are here for aesthetics, you will not be disappointed. The welder has steel, the black, matte exterior with a compact but convenient shaped briefcase. 

The welder has a rod on top for comfortable carrying and portability along with four rubber legs underneath. At the front panel, you will see all the controls adequately aligned, red-colored, and labeled for your convenience.

The entire design is smooth and straightforward, making it stylish and chic while maintaining user-friendliness. This way, it becomes easy on the eyes and looks less intimidating for first-time users. The machine’s packaging is also excellent, decreasing the chances of damage when it is being shipped. 

Thanks to the legs underneath, the sturdy construction, and the logical dimensions, the welder is overall very stable and isn’t flimsy. As a result, you don’t have to worry about it falling apart any sooner than due.

# Input and output

This TIG welder runs on alternating current or direct current. The 225 amperes of AC/DC and 110 to 220 volts of electricity produce high-quality performance from the machine without a hassle.

# Compatibility and performance

On AC frequency setting, 110 / 220 volts, and a pulse frequency of 200 Hertz, the Primeweld Tig225x can weld 7018, 6013, ⅜ inches of mild steel, and ¼ inches aluminum. The machine works best on stainless steel, mild steel, titanium, copper, and nickel alloy, etc.

# Controls

To ensure that all the controls are easy to approach, understand, and navigate, the control interface is red in color on a black welding machine. This feature makes the control options prominent and easy to identify.

The controls include several dials to control features such as current, slope, flow, AC balance, and AC frequency. Other controls include on and off switches for AC / DC, 2T/4T, and various types of wavelengths. On the top left, you will also see a small screen displaying AMP.

You can use the machine in automatic or semi-automatic versions. The welder includes 0.5 to 10-hertz pulse frequency, 30 to 70% ac balance, 90% post flow pulse time, 0 to 10s of upslope, 0 25s downslope, and 40 to 200 Hertz AC frequency.

All of these controls increase the customizability of the welding machine. Thanks to this versatility, all professionals, beginners, and hobbyists can use Primeweld Tig2a25x to suit their everyday needs.

Primeweld Tig225x Review
# Additional features

Some additional beneficial and essential features of this welder are the following. They are not typical to most welders but, when present, they help enhance and improve the functionality of the machine.

  • Pulse Function: Pulse TIG welding is a modern, modified version of the traditional TIG welding. In this new process, the pulse feature switches between low and peak levels provide alternating pulse current. During the low-level period, the process generates heat. Thus, solidification is inevitable during pulses.
  • Superflextig Torch: TIG torches are hand tools that are specifically designed for a particular welding job. The CK17 torch is an air-cooled Superflex model with a head flexed 40 degrees from the central line.
  • HF Start Hand Torch Control: High frequency (HF) ignition enables the user to properly position the electrode near the target and press the trigger to initiate the arc. This feature is commonly only found on professional welding machines such as Primeweld TIG 225x.
  • Advanced Inverter Technology with Pulse Width Modulation: Pulse width modulation is a technique that enables the generation of variable width pulses in order to represent the analog input signal’s amplitude. As a result, it minimizes the total distortion to enhance and improve the welded machine’s output voltage.
  • Certifications: The certifications of the machine include ISO- 9000, CSA CCC, and CE certification. These certifications increase the reliability and trustworthiness of the product.

What's Included Inside

The PrimeWeldTig 225x welder comes with additional accessories such as:

It also includes other accessories such as arc voltage control, electrode positioning system, oscillator, feed wire mechanism, sim tracking device.

Who Makes PrimeWeld Welders?

PrimeWeld is a reputable company that designs and manufactures some of the best welding machines in the market, such as TiG225x. The company is well-known for its higher standards and safe products. Other than TIG welders, PrimeWeld also makes cut-50 plasma cutters and MIG welders.

The designers and manufacturers of the company have several years of experience and knowledge. So, naturally, they know what they are doing. This competent team creates durable, reliable, and convenient products for its consumers.


#1. Does PrimeWeld come with a warranty?

This Tig225x welder comes with a three-year warranty for added security and 7-days-a-week customer service to help you with your product-related issues.

#2. How much does the welder weigh, can I carry it?

The welder weighs 90 pounds and has an all-steel construction.

#3. Can I attach a water cooler to it?

Yes, you can upgrade the welder to a water-cooled torch and attach a water cooler to it. Doing this is a good idea if you don’t want to spend on one separately.

This PrimeWeld Tig225x Review aims to help you answer all the possible questions you might have regarding this welder so that you can make an informed decision. The important part is that before you buy a welding machine for yourself, you must have a proper set of criteria for your personal preferences, requirements, and budget. 

Once you have this criterion sorted out, and the array of PrimeWeld Tig225x’s attractive and cutting-edge features will persuade you to invest in this beast of a device.

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