Optrel Panoramaxx Vs Esab Sentinel : Which Is The Best And Why?

When it comes to digital welding helmets, people and especially the welders are more conscious of buying the perfect fit according to their configuration. Choosing a welding helmet can cost you and your eyes as one wrong move can damage your eyes.

If you think what makes the best welding helmet? The answer to this is: A welding helmet has a decent eye feature, head, neck, and so on. It should have a quality lens and an auto-dimming feature.

Optrel Panoramaxx Vs Esab Sentinel
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We will show you two rival welding helmets in the market, preferably Optrel Panoramaxx vs Esab Sentinel, both manufactured by the top-notch companies. For a more budget friendly option check out the Speedglas 9100xxi welding helmet Review.

Optrel Panoramaxx Vs Esab Sentinel Comparison Table

Optrel Panoramaxx
Esab Sentinel
Field of Vision
Optrel Panoramaxx
170 Degrees
Esab Sentinel
160 Degrees
Lens Clarity
Optrel Panoramaxx
Esab Sentinel
Operating Temp. Max
Optrel Panoramaxx
158 F
Esab Sentinel
131 F
Dimming Time
Optrel Panoramaxx
0.1-2.0 Sec
Esab Sentinel
0.1-1.0 Sec
Solar Power
Optrel Panoramaxx
Esab Sentinel
Optrel Panoramaxx
Esab Sentinel


Optrel Panoramaxx is undoubtedly the best helmet in its price bracket out there. With a full field of vision and more options. It has an auto shade feature that provides a comfortable setting during welding. The actual tone colors offer a realistic image to the welder.

The bold design with nose cut gives quite a look to the helmet. A panoramic view provides a depth of vision, and brightness is on point. With solar cells and rechargeable batteries, Optrel has made the helmet energy independent and maintenance-free.

Features of Optrel Panoramaxx –

Six times larger vision

Automated shade adjustment

True colors

2.5 level shade

Lithium Polymer concept energy

Autopilot function

Rechargeable batteries

USB charging

Sensitivity adjustment


Comfortable headband

Applications and Pricing

The Optrel Panoramaxx uses in almost all types of surfaces, namely metal, plasma, inert glass welding, and grinding. It also protects you from solar and UV radiation. Panoramaxx starts at $389 on Amazon.


Esab Sentinel comes with a streamlined shell that provides an overall covering as compared to Optrel Panoramaxx. The advantage of having a shell shape is a perfect fit for the head, which does not seem significant or smaller—just the ideal size.

This digital helmet arises with a limitless set of structures to give you a seamless experience. The only drawback of this product is the higher weight and dim light.

Let’s have a look at the features of this welding helmet, and you might get a better deal.

Features of Esab Sentinel –

Streamlined shell design

Ergonomic halo headgear

Spherical cover lens

Hyper visible LCD panel

Auto Darkening feature

Touch screen

Plasma cutting

High Definition lens

3-year warranty

Applications and Pricing

TIG, MIG, Plasma Cutting /welding and many more. Esab Sentinel costs around $327 on Amazon.

Optrel Panoramaxx Vs Esab Sentinel: Which One Takes The Lead?

Check out for the perfect configuration. We will compare both welding helmets giving attention to each detail, making your purchasing choice exceptional.

# Shades

If we compare the shades, the ESAB takes the lead here. The Optrel Panoramaxx has an adjustment ADF shade level from 5 -12 but the ESAB Sentinel is 5-13 ADF shade range.

It has got a good-sized viewing angle with dimensions ranging from (9.27 square inches of viewing space). Auto-darkening feature with the speed of 1/25,000 of a second.

The LCD is the best thing in the shade selector; it comes in 8 presets to choose from, which is very easy to adjust as compared to Optrel Panoramaxx.

# Comfort

When we look at both helmets, comfort is a big issue between them. Esab Sentinel, due to its shell design and more weight, will, at some point, put a strain on your neck if you work for a more extended period.

When we look at the Optrel Panoramaxx, it does pretty well on the comfort side. The minimal weight does not affect your neck, and you can work for a longer time. In conclusion, the Optrel Panoramaxx takes the lead in comfort.

# Lens

It is the deal breaker part of the welding helmet. A better lens will surely give an edge over other things because having a lousy glass will not only damage your eyes; it is also hazardous.

The lens swapping feature of Panoramaxx makes it easy to swap out the glass and clean it. This functionality is not in Esab Sentinel. Thanks to the gasket, which does not give you a chance to swap out the lens and clean it as a gasket carries all the dust and debris.

Both helmets have exact color lenses that feel like you are not wearing anything. The vision is a lot clear, and both have auto-darkening features. But Optrel Panoramaxx has a Twilight feature that distinguishes it from Esab Sentinel.

# Twilight Feature

This innovative feature of Optrel Panoramaxx allows the helmet to switch dark to very light slowly. As compared to the other helmets, which change quickly and it has a very disastrous effect on eyes as exposing eyes to direct light after darkness damages its lens.

# Vision

Both the helmets have a greater field of vision, but Optrel Panoramaxx 6X vision is unmatchable. It provides dimensions up to 2.3 to 6 times larger than what the company standard prefers. It gives a 170-degree view, which is wider than the Esab Sentinel.

On the other side, if we compare it to the field vision of Esab Sentinel, Optrel Panoramaxx takes the lead. A helmet should have a more excellent field vision for practical work, and Panoramaxx does a great job, but it also has a cost according to its description.

# Battery

Optrel Panoramaxx uses solar cells along with a lithium-polymer battery. This innovative power system allows the battery to charge again, which is indeed handy stuff. If you are using your helmet and the battery runs out, connect it with a USB cable, and you are good to go.

On the other hand, Sentinel does not have a rechargeable battery. It only has solar cells which are of no importance during working in darker places.

# Welding Applications

Both helmets (Panoramaxx and Sentinel) are perfect for Stick Welding, MIG, Flux Cored, TIG, Oxy-gas, Plasma Arc, Plasma cutting and more.

# Price

If you have tight budget then choose Esab Sentinel welding helmet. Optrel Panoramaxx helmet bit more expensive than Sentinel.

Buying a welding helmet can be a tricky task. And when you compare Optrel Panoramaxx vs Esab Sentinel, it gets a lot complicated. Panoramaxx takes an edge in innovative features like a Twilight sensor and a rechargeable battery. You cannot find this functionality in Esab Sentinel. Esab Sentinel provides a good grip for the head due to its streamlined shell design.

But what is the best fit for you? Its Optrel Panoramaxx has got tons of features and a rechargeable battery, which gives it an edge over other welding helmets.

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