Miller Maxstar 161 Review : The Best portable TIG welder

Miller has never disappointed its consumers with its welding products, and the Maxstar 161 is another superb creation. If you wish to purchase this bad boy, what you need are good, in-depth Miller Maxstar 161 review.

According to Miller, this electronic welder has quality, performance, and aesthetics. It’s supposed to live up to all your expectations from a high-end welder, and this TIG welding machine claims to do everything a professional welder could possibly ask for, but are the claims valid? 

Let’s find out in the Miller Maxstar 161 STL review below!

Input phase: Phase 1

Input voltage: 110/115/120V & 220/230/240V

Weld Output: CC

Duty cycle: 60%

Amperage: 5-160A

Material thickness: 0.02 inches

Weldable materials: Steel, Stainless steel

  • Maxstar 161 is suitable for professional and advanced welding jobs
  • It offers both stick and Tig welding options
  • Miller comes with plenty of different beneficial accessories
  • The machine is easy to operate and use
  • It comes along with the reference guide for additional help
  • The overall design of the welder is durable and compact
  • Its long power cord enables you to easily connect it anywhere
  • It is not suitable for beginner welders
  • This Miller Maxstar welder is a little expensive for buyers on a budget

Who Is This Welder Designed for?

Before you buy this welding machine, you must consider your knowledge and experience level. Novice welders who have never tried TIG welding before, starting with the Miller Maxstar 161, wouldn’t be the best decision for them. 

Plus, if you are more into MIG welding and have less experience with TIG machines, you might not like this model either. However, if you’re a knowledgeable and experienced TIG welder, you’ll love this product, and its performance.

Miller Maxstar 161

Key Benefits of the Miller Maxstar 161 Review

Now that you have figured out whether you should consider buying this welding machine, let’s get further into the Miller Maxstar 161 STL review.

The following are some of this welding machine’s essential features that you should look into before buying it.

# Design and Appearance

Overall, the machine looks adorable! The design is compact and rectangular, with broad sides and a narrow front for the controls. The sides of a machine are a beautiful shade of blue with the Miller logo on it. The rest of the device is matte black. 

The front of the welder has all the controls, ports, and the air vent. This design makes it easy to use, clean, and store.

# Weight And Portability

Since it weighs 13 lbs (approximately 5kgs) and has a convenient shoulder strap on the welder’s top, you can move this machine around without much difficulty.

This particular feature helps you have a large welding workplace and needs to transport the machine from here to there continuously. Its portability also makes it easier for maintenance and repair.

# Input and Output

The input power of this Maxstar welder is 120 and 240 volts. You can separate the two power cords, disconnect them from the rear panel without the need for any tools or equipment, and efficiently use the common power receptacles. The output current ranges up to 160 amperes.

# Duty Cycle

The Miller Maxstar 161 has a duty cycle of 60 percent. This long duty cycle is extraordinarily beneficial and favors the excellent performance levels of the machine.

# Compatibility And Performance

The 5-AMP TIG capability and 6010 stick electrode capability allow the users to use complex electrodes and very easily weld very thin, fragile materials.

The performance of the machine is smooth and very high-quality. With its hot start adaptive control, the welding machine provides a positive arc start without any sticking whatsoever. Moreover, the thermal overload protection ensures maximum protection from damage in case you exceed the duty cycle.

#  Controls

As mentioned earlier, the narrow front of the machine withholds all the controls of the welder. These include the power button, a control dial for the output Amperes, and other connectivity ports.

The machine also features a digital meter that provides maximum control when you set up the amperage. The innovative lift-arc technology is another beneficial control feature that enables the initiation of TIG welding without utilizing high frequency. 

What’s great about this welding machine is that it is very easy to use. Turn the power on, select your process, set the amperage, and start welding. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

# Warranty

A product’s warranty always adds to its useful features. Thanks to Miller’s standard warranty policy, the Maxstar 161 STL has a warranty of 3 years. Because of this, you can use the machine to its maximum potential without worrying about damaging it or losing your money. 

Suppose you face issues and problems with the welder’s functioning during these three years, you can ask for a product replacement or a complete refund from Miller.

What's Included

The following are the accessories and essential components that come with this welder machine:

Stick welder

2 meters of power cords for 120 and 240 volts

25mm Connector (dinse-style)

3 meters cable with a work clamp

Handle/shoulder strap

Who Makes the Miller Maxstar 161 STL Tig Welder?

Miller is a well-known manufacturing company that designs and produces high-quality, modern, and efficient welding products. Its machines are durable, efficient, and perfect for all kinds of welding jobs.

For years, their products have been suitable for construction, education, fabrication, aviation, agriculture, and many other work fields. Their tagline “The Power Of Blue” inspires the blue color of all their products and welding machines.


#1. Does This Welder Machine Come With A Foot Pedal?

No, this welding machine does not come with a foot pedal. If you think you need one, you can purchase it separately.

#2. Is This Welding Machine Storage-Friendly?

With its dimensions of 30.7 x 10.7 x 13.8 inches, the machine is compact and very easy to store. You can put it away on shelves, in cabinets, and tuck it away next to walls and empty corners. Even during usage, this machine does not take a lot of your workspace.

#3. Would It Work With A 220 Inverter?

According to many reviews by users and consumers, the Miller Maxstar 161 runs efficiently with 220 single-phase inverters. It has easy and quick adjustability, which favors the use of different kinds of inverts.

Hopefully, this Miller Maxstar 161 review will give you a great idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Overall, the tool is excellent for those with a certain amount of experience with TIG welding machines. While novice welders may have a tough time using this electronic product, those who get the hang of it can enjoy the smooth, efficient process with much ease.

However, the machine is a little expensive and can be quite an investment, so make sure that you have read this review thoroughly and have gone through the product’s pros and cons before you purchase it.

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