Miller Diversion 180 Tig Welder Review: Facts To Consider!

To set a standard in the welding industry or a DIY project, a clean and high-quality weld will help. As a beginner or experienced welder, you prefer TIG welding to create amazing products. Though it requires time and patience but it is totally worth it. In this miller diversion 180 review, you will get all information’s about a versatile tig welder that promises an efficient welding experience for every user.

Let’s dive into this miller diversion 180 tig welder review to learn more about the features and benefits to make your experience interesting especially if you are new to the tig welding machine.

Miller diversion 180 review: features

Input phase:  Phase 1

Input voltage: 120/240V

Weld output: 60A

Duty cycle: 35%

Amperage: 10

Material thickness: 0.025”

Weldable materials: Aluminum, steel


·        Easy to set up and use

·        Convenient and powerful

·        Simple adjustments make the welding task easy

·        Works well on steel and aluminum

·        Great arc and paddle control

·        Digital display and user-friendly interface help novice users to weld flawlessly

·        The plug is the dual voltage that allows frequent power change

·        A built-in fan ensures the longevity of the unit and saves huge energy

·        Post- flow feature is auto that helps to protect weld and electrode zone and also prevents gas wastage.

·        Durable torch

·        Unit is capable of steel and aluminum welding for AC and DC feature


·        The foot pedal is not stable so you have to mount it

·        Not made for a rough environment

·        Not applicable for industrial use

·        Short power cable

·        Comparatively expensive welder

Who Is This Welder Designed For?

if you are seeking a new type of welding experience then miller diversion 180 is the right one for you. For beginners, hobbyists and the welder who likes clean welding – this TIG welder is just for you.

But this welding machine is not for the experienced welder as it comes with simple functions. With this welder, welding takes time to finish but it is worth it as the design comes out neat and perfect.

key benefits of miller diversion 180 review

miller diversion 180 tig welder is the perfect choice for the new user. For adjustable input power ability, you have the option to upgrade the power system per your project requirement. Though it is the best option for works like DIY projects, shop jobs, and garage but it promises quality work.

Let’s talk about this wonderful TIG welder more through the features in detail:

·        User-friendly

The miller diversion 180’s digital interface is simple to understand which helps to operate the welding smoothly. Turn on the machine and select the material and thickness range to start your welding project. From the display, settings can be changed easily to apply the proper amount of power for arc welding. With the foot pedal, power level control gets easier. The durable and compact air-cooled torch makes the machine use smooth.

·        Power voltage

The power unit comes with dual voltage, so you can use 120 or 240V while using different tools. You’ve to choose the right voltage while connecting the electric cord. As this machine can provide 180 amps and the duty cycle is 35% then you can weld with this machine at high power for 3.5 minutes. Just remember that after this output the machine will need 6.5 minutes to rest and cool down.  For the AC/DC unit, you can weld both steel and aluminum.

·        Performance

From this Tig welder, you will get the most powerful, consistent and smooth power source. The non-contact power button provides a high-frequency start in every use. There will be no chance of tungsten and material pollution during the welding time. With the automatic post flow feature, the amperage setting gets automatically optimized without the need for any manual changes. For this, the electrode and weld pool gets proper protection without wasting any gas.  There is a built-in fan that can be used when it is necessary, especially in cooling down the machine. Thanks to the fan as it helps to reduce noise, power consumption and entering any harmful particles in the machine.

·        Portable

This welder machine weighs only 50 pounds. So you can move it to any place in your workshop easily. It also allows you to take it to any remote site. The inverter technology promises proper function and power supply though it is lightweight.

·        Quality

You will find this miller diversion 180 a little more costly than other Tig welders but trust me, it is worth it. This machine comes with high-quality products. For this, you can use this machine in projects like shipbuilding, aerospace, railcar, manufacturing heavy gears, construction, etc.

Who makes the miller diversion 180

Miller is a famous manufacturing firm that proudly designs high-quality, efficient and modern welding products in the market. These products provide huge support in the fields like construction, aviation, agriculture, aerospace, shipbuilding, etc. 


Q1. Is the Miller Diversion 180 a good welder?

Ans:  The miller diversion 180 is the perfect welder that promises a neat, controlled and deep powerful penetrating welding project. With user-friendly features, welding gets easier and smooth in any situation.

Q2. How do you use miller diver 180 at home?

Ans:  for the convenient and easy features, this welding machine can be used at home safely. All you have to do is start the machine, and choose the material type and the thickness range of the metal. Then you are ready to go.


At the end of this miller diversion 180 review, We can ensure you that this TIG welder is the best one for beginners and hobbyists. It is not a simple thing to work with a tig welder, especially for new users, but for the simple but powerful features, you can work with it in any project.

After going through this miller diversion 180 tig welder review, I think you have already made up your mind to grab this machine and start with your dream projects. Though it is a little expensive but quality, performance and durability make it worth for investment.

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