Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review : Is The Best Welding Tool?

Running late on some crucial welding jobs? 

It’s better to change the gears to experience unlimited welding right on time. Many welding professionals are switching to modern welding equipment. And the ultimate reason for such modification is nothing but quick project completion with premium quality work.

Nevertheless, as there are so many products in the market, it gets a bit confusing about what to buy and what to leave. So to overcome this puzzling situation, we are glad to share the Lincoln square wave 200 reviews with you to assure you get the best out of your money.

Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review

We understand how hard the decision-making process is. That’s why we have carefully reviewed this welding machine to help you get the idea that whether or not the tool is beneficial or just another highly-marketed product with nothing amazing.

So, 3-2-1, let the review begin!

Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review

Lincoln square wave 200 pros and cons

Things I Liked
  • Lincoln 200 is extremely portable with a simple design and interface
  • It's a multi-purpose machine that uses AC/DC TIG welding process for aluminum and thin metals
  • It consists a Pulse Mode that ranges from 1 to 20 pulses per second
  • The Stick welding process can be used on thick materials
  • It welds up to 3/16-inches thick material
  • This machine supports 120V and 230V input powers
  • Lincoln TIG 200 welding machine is durable and portable
Things I Didn't Like
  • A short ground clamp that is inadequate for bigger projects
  • The machine lacks pulse time and amperage modification

What is Lincoln Electric Square Wave 200?

Consider having an unbeatable attacker in a soccer match? 

Would there be any chance of not relying on the player’s capabilities? 

We guess not! The same logic is for this welding machine as we slowly and gradually unearthed lincoln square wave tig 200 review.

First things first, this isn’t just any ordinary machine, but a welding-giant that can be a boon. Why? Because of the outstanding results, you would see it at the end of the day. With advanced features, which are extremely simple to use, the Lincoln Electric Square is one of the best metal slicers so far.

Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review [Core Features]

Excited already? Oh! You better be because Lincoln Wave 200 is not a common welding tool, but it’s a portal to satisfactory results. The equipment is loaded with some exceptional features, which are excellent enough to amaze your customers by creating way too complicated yet hypnotizing designs.

On the other hand, even if welding is just your weekend thing, believe it or not, Lincoln Square Wave 200 can make some of the most productive weekends of your life.

So want to know what’s in for you? Keep scrolling!

Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review
# Engine-Driven Generator

When doing the Lincoln 200 square wave review, the first thing that took our attention is its powerful mechanism. This welding machine can be operated on engine-driven generators. That mean’s even if the powers are out, you’re free to work. And all you need is connecting this device with the generator that has the potential to supply the required voltage, power, and frequency.

As we researched, we found out that the unit should be run on 60Hz (AC frequency) if there’s a 110V electric supply. And surprisingly, we didn’t feel any change in its performance. However, you are required to use an 8kW generator to make that happen. Because anything lower than this benchmark couldn’t supply the adequate voltage, and the machine began to lose its charm.

Pro Tip -1

If your generator's supply is between 230V and 240V, use 50Hz frequency otherwise the machine will not work.

# Adjustable AC Balance Range

Total control over your welding is a myth if your welding machine lacks proper AC balance. And if the feature comes with a range adjustment, it’s surely an added value.

We were concerned about the adjustable AC trait when we first found out, but later, we got some awesome outcomes in our workshop. This Lincoln’s model offers AC balance within 60-90% electrode negative (EN) ranges.

This permits welding thick and thin materials without losing the metal’s aesthetics. In other words, you can select a lower electrode range if you’re planning to weld thin sheets. And if you desire a broader bead and shorter tungsten duration.

Likewise, you can adjust AC balance to higher EN ranges for deeper penetration along with higher speed and narrow bead.

# Inverter Technology Design

Concerned about extra power consumption as you might need this impressive welder to play for long hours? Calm down! The unit is designed using Inverter Technology which saves 30% to 50% of electricity.

While performing various welding tasks to get a fair Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 review, we dig up that the machine is equipped with a microcomputer to hold and distribute power in a way that its utilization becomes inexpensive.

And, again, a big round of applause to Lincoln 200’s Inverter technology design to make it portable enough to move anywhere.

Pro Tip -2

To make this welding tool super portable, you can always go for a wheeled cart. That would add a whole new level to flexibility and usage.

# One-Stop Solution for TIG and Stick Welding

Different machines for different welding processes? 

It’s frustrating and costly, isn’t it? And this is where Lincoln Square 200 has stolen the hearts.

You can enjoy unlimited TIG and Stick welding projects as this machine allows you to work using both options. And did you know that the TIG welding option is further divided into two categories? AC TIG and DC TIG.

While AC TIG provides the highest welding quality on aluminum, DC TIG assures smooth welding on chrome-moly, stainless steel, and steel.

You can use the TIG option whenever you feel like having a pointed bead to weld thin metal sheets. And then there’s the Stick welding option to weld on thick materials without losing their artistic or decorative appearance.

# User-Friendly Interface

A lot of welding machines come with a universe of buttons that makes it difficult for users to understand the functionality. Plus, the time that’s wasted is another story that disappoints welders.

We surely know the pain of going through such operational obstacles, and believe it or not, the Lincoln 200 welding machine is excessively simple to use where every important function is right there on the unit.

The interface includes a switch to turn on and off button, followed by a ‘Setting’ button the top right corner for adjusting pulse frequency, AC frequency, AC balance, and amperage. And then there’s a knob placed right at the center to further tune the adjustments. And lastly, there’s a button that permits you to select the welding process (AC TIG, DC TIG, or Stick).

# High-Frequency Method

Lincoln Square Wave offers a High-Frequency Start feature that permits you to begin an arc without touching the surface. This allows you to weld effortlessly and create spotless designs every time you turn on the machine.

Pro Tip -3

Indeed High-Frequency Method has a great advantage, but as it can produce interferences with the nearby appliances, therefore, try to remove any electronics from the working zone for safety purposes.

Who Can Use Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200?

After the Lincoln TIG 200 Square Wave review, we are comfortable sharing our thoughts that this welding machine is specially designed for the intermediate and expert welders. Conversely, it’s a masterpiece for beginners, as the unit is easy to understand and use.

What to Expect When Unpacking Lincoln TIG 200?

Lincoln TIG 200 is loaded with the following items:

TIG Torch (PTA-17) Ready-Pak

10 ft. Gas hose kit along with gas regular

200-ampere stick electrode holder

Cable and ground clamp

Input cords (120V and 230V)

We expect that the Lincoln Square Wave 200 review has been profitable to you in terms of decision making. Undeniably, this welding machine has mind-blowing traits that suit every professional welder. Moreover, its portability, simplicity, and dual welding process option allows you to complete all those pipelined projects in no time.

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