Lincoln 140c vs 140hd : Which Is Better Or Worse?

A good welding machine is necessary for all professional welders, and these experts often have an eye for the best options. 

However, sometimes even those with a keen eye and lots of experience can find it challenging to choose between two extremely efficient welding machines. Such is the confusion between Lincoln 140C vs 140HD.

Lincoln 140c vs 140hd

They are both modern, efficient, and crowd favorites of their times. However, only one will suit you better than the other based on your requirements and preferences. If you are looking for an in-depth, genuine comparison, look no further. Read this comparison article below and find out the answers to all your questions.

Lincoln 140c vs 140hd [Comparison Table]


Lincoln 140C

Lincoln 140HD
Height14 inches13.7 inches
Weight58 pounds50 pounds
Noise levelQuieterNoisy
Duty Cycle20%20%
Input Voltage120V120V
Output Amperes140A140A

Lincoln Welder 140c vs 140hd [Review]

# Duty Cycle

Both Lincoln 140C and 140HD have the same 90 amperes with 19.5 volts in the 20% duty cycle. Overall, this difference doesn’t affect the welding machine’s performance. However, since the duty cycle is small, you will face frequent auto shut-offs as the engine tries to protect itself if you cross the threshold.

Pro Tip -1

A pro tip for using these models is to make sure you don't exceed the duty cycle threshold. If you do, the machine will keep turning off and ruin your welding's smoothness, continuity, and neatness.

# Input Voltage and Ampere Output

This one is a tie since both models have the same input voltage of 120 volts. Similarly, Lincoln 140HD produces 30 to 140 amperes of output, and so does the 140C.

# Dimensions and Design

The dimensions of 140HD and 140C differ ever so slightly. These differences are only a few centimeters and a couple of inches, so they don’t seem significant. As for the design of the machines, it is very hard to point out a significant difference.

The color palette, handlebars, controls, and ports are all pretty much the same. The only apparent difference is that the control panel of Lincoln 140C is secured by a board, whereas the 140HD model has a bare control panel without any protection whatsoever.

Pro Tip -2

The optimum length of the wire sticking out of the gun is ¼ or ⅜ inch. When you start welding, keep this pro tip in mind to improve the machine's performance and enhance the results of your MIG welding.

# Weight

Lincoln 140HD weighs about 50 pounds while 140C weighs approximately 58 pounds. This difference of around 10 pounds significantly affects the overall portability of the machines. Even though 140HD is relatively easier to move around in the first place, the added ten pounds in 140C does not make the task any difficult.

# Additional Parts & Components

The additional components that come with both 140c and 140HD are pretty much the same. They include a Magnum gun, gasless and gas nozzles, a cable liner, a work-cable with a clamp, spindle adaptor, hose, and adjustable gas regulator, drive rolls, wire guides, and sample spools of mild steel MIG wire and flux-cored wire. You also get a DVD with instructions and the guidelines on using the machine.

The only difference is that Lincoln 140 HD includes a Magnum 100L, while 140C features Magnum Pro 100L. Also, the latter model features diamond core technology and industrial cast aluminum. In contrast, this tech feature is missing in 140HD, and it has a heavy-duty cast aluminum wire drive.

Pro Tip -3

Before you start using your Lincoln 140C or 140HD, ensure that the machines are properly cleaned, and the weld is free of any dirt, rust, paint, or oil. If there are any contaminants, they significantly affect the smoothness of your results.

Lincoln 140HD
  • This model is relatively more user-friendly.
  • The aluminum drive roll system increases the durability of the machine.
  • It is particularly suitable for thin materials.
  • The performance and interface are perfect for beginners.
  • It is relatively more comfortable to carry around.
  • 140HD's safety features are a bonus.
  • This model also offers toll-free polarity changes for flux-cored or MIG welding.
  • 140HD is not as comfortable with the heavy-duty tasks as it is with the more straightforward ones.
  • The fans are slightly noisier in this model.
  • The 20% duty cycle can be an inconvenience for some people.
Lincoln 140C
  • The results are smoother and better thanks to more bending capacity in 140C.
  • The spool gun is ready-to-use and gives better performance.
  • The tough PC board provides protection to the sensitive components and secures it from harsh environments.
  • An enhanced torque in the drive motor further improves the performance of 140C.
  • The tool-less design of this welding machine aims to provide a no-hassle welding experience.
  • It requires an extra gas tube so you cannot carry it around as easily.
  • This welding machine is not compatible with generators.
  • 140C is relatively heavier and more challenging to move.
  • It can only give its best performance for a particular range of material thicknesses.

Overall, there are not many differences between Lincoln 140C and 140 HD. The models are quite similar from the design to the specs to the package’s added components. However, the slight details that differ sometimes make a massive difference for serious and professional welders.

The 140C version has better technological features and offers long term warranty with the purchase. In contrast, 140HD is more user-friendly for beginners and has a convenient design in terms of portability. Based on your likes, dislikes, and requirements, you can choose the model that fits you best!

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