Klutch Welder Reviews : For Hobbyists and Professionals

Looking for a proper welder to magnify your welding skills? We assume you are still on your way to find the best tool to solve all your welding problems. 

Whether you are a newcomer, hobbyist, or an experienced welder, you are incomplete if your current equipment is unable to transform the design you have in your mind into reality.

Klutch Welder Reviews

That is why we are always here to help our readers to find outstanding welding machines, which are not only reasonable but even possesses high-quality and durability. Therefore, we have taken 5 Klutch models into the limelight. So, get ready to know the most suitable welder through our Klutch welder reviews.

Klutch Welder Reviews

#1. Klutch Mig 140si Reviews

Klutch MIG Welder MP140Si

Are you looking for a welder to handle some of the basics, as well as, industrial tasks? If yes! Then we would like you to pay a little attention to Klutch Welder MIG MP140Si.

As we researched for more Klutch MIG 140Si reviews, we found that buying this tool could be a relief to your home and industrial welding projects. (An alternative for industrial work check Vulcan 220 Omnipro Welder) For instance, this welding machine requires 120 Volts for easy operations, which seems like a pretty common power supply in every household.

Also, this is just not a MIG welder, but you can also perform numerous other welding methods using this equipment including Flux-Core, DC TIG welding, and DC Stick welding.

And if you are still not sure how to use MP140Si on outdoor locations, then feel free to plug it in the generator. Why? Because it comes with inverter-technology that allows you to run this welder anywhere. It is because of its portable size that permits you to carry and keep the machine even in some narrow places.

The welder is loaded with some wonderful supporting tools, like one MIG torch (10 ft.), one gas valve and regulator, one 10-feet long ground cable along with clamp, one contact tips set, and one Flux core nozzle

Also, you will have zero issues with welding materials up to 3/16 inches (4.7 mm). More to this, you can even work on this machine using gas as a power source.

And apart from the Klutch multiprocess welder review, we found some other interesting features, which are surely heart-stealing, and we would like to share that with you. For example:

  • It includes a spot timer to ensure high-quality and continuous welding for small tasks
  • You can adjust the welding amperage for stick welding and voltage for MIG welding in advance through digital meters
  • This welder comes with a 30% duty cycle to help overcome the overheating problems
  • It's a lightweight welder with a built-in handle that gives you the ease of transporting it from one place to another
  • The inverter-technology allows you to operate this machine with 25% less input power
  • You can see welding parameters in real-time through meters
  • All basic supplies are included, which makes this machine light on your pocket
  • Expect some inefficiency in the performance when using this machine on gas
  • The gas regulator quality is low

#2. Klutch 140i MIG Welder

Klutch 140i MIG Welder

MIG 140i is another prominent model by Klutch. While it does seem little, it can take several welding tasks by storm. This welding machine is again an inverted-power tool, which we found rock-solid in delivering some high-performance arcs.

By looks, you can imagine how easy it could be to be kept in different places to finish your projects. Being super light in its weight, the 140i is simple to use, as well as, convenient due to its IGBT inverter-power technology. So even if you feel like working in an open space, take this tool with you, and connect it with a generator to start working.

Contrarily, you can use this model in your home, garage, or workplace, as it needs 120 Volts to remain functional, which appears to be a common power supply. So just plug the welder directly, and it’s all set for your next welding job.

Likewise, some welding machines are excellent at welding thick materials. However, their performance is questionable when it comes to welding thin metals. So if you think you mostly need to work on light metal sheets, then feel free to rely on MIG 140i.

For example, you can weld a 24-gauge stainless steel sheet with perfection. Also, you can try welding the same metal sheet up to 3/16 inches in thickness in a single attempt and without major efforts. Also, welding up to 1/8-inches thick aluminum is no challenge for this Klutch.

Klutch MIG 140i has more features, including:

  • This machine can be used with shielding gas
  • It comes with infinite wire-feed
  • You can weld objects using MIG and Flux-Core welding methods
  • Klutch MIG 140i has a 30% duty cycle @ 90 Ampere, consuming 25% less power while overcoming overheating issues
  • It comes with 1 gas hose, 1 MIG and Flux-core Tweco-Style nozzle, 2 contact tips, 1 dual gauge regular, and 1 MIG-welder wire-feed, 1 MIG gun along with 1 ground cable
  • You can use both 4-inches and 8-inches wire spools
  • The machine allows you to adjust wire speed with ease
  • It has a handle on the top that enhances its portability feature
  • The ground clamp quality is not up to the mark
  • You cannot place the welder anywhere far from the object due to the short torch connection wire (only 6 ft.)

#3. Klutch ST200iDV Welder

Klutch ST200iDV Welder

Klutch ST200iDV took our attention due to many reasons. At first, we researched this machine and unearthed that it is comprised of a dual-input voltage system. This allows you to operate this machine on 120 volts, as well as, 230 volts. Nevertheless, it possesses one-directional (DC) power along with inverter technology to assure exceptional stick welding.

And similar to the previous two models, this is also a portable welder with a beautiful compact design and built-in handle. But when talking specifically about the weight, then we were excited to find that this welding tool comes with a shoulder strap.

Well! That was a ‘wow’ moment for us because not all welding equipment available in the market has that kind of feature. This verified us that it’s an ideal unit for outdoor projects, and all you need to do is to wear it like a shoulder bag and carry it without feeling the burden.

And as we dig more deeply into the Klutch ST200iDV welder review, we got some more amazing facts, like the welding capability.

For example, it can weld thick materials like steel, cast iron, hard surfacing, and stainless steel from 1/16-inches up to 5/32- inches (almost 4 mm) using the stick welding method. Moreover, you can also attach a TIG welding torch with this unit in case you need it.

Klutch ST200iDV has other traits, such as:

  • It comes with an Anti-Stick feature to simplify the usage and functionality
  • The unit consists of an adjustable dial to switch from 15 amperes to 75 amperes on 120V, and from 15 amp to 200 amp on 230 volts
  • This multi-process welder has a Hot Start feature to quickly start and resume arcs
  • All basic accessories like an Arc/TIG welder, 1 piece 230 volts cable along with 6-50P NEMA plug, 6.5 ft. ground clamp and electrode cable, etc., are already included
  • The unit is extremely easy on maintenance because of interchangeable ground cables
  • This Klutch model has a 100% duty cycle @ 75 amp at 120 volts
  • 15% duty cycle @ 200 ampere at 230 volts
  • You might find the ground cable short in its length when working outdoors
  • You are required to connect an extra TIG torch kit if you desire to use the TIG welding process

#4. Klutch MP 251Si LCD Welder

Klutch MP 251Si LCD Welder

Welding becomes straightforward when the tools are right. That’s why the Klutch 251Si has made its unique position among all its users, as the unit comes with an LCD to simplify the welding work. So if setting up a welder gets you off, then with this Klutch model you can automatically select the welding parameters.

And the best part is that you don’t have to provide the information every time you are doing the adjustments. You can trust this machine’s auto-tuning parameters capability and immediately begin welding as per your needs.

Besides, it’s a multi-method MIG welder that comes with a spool gun and lift/TIG torch. Also, this machine comes in two different colors, so that you pick the one according to your preference.

From a portability point of view, we found this machine a little heavier as compared to the previous models, so you might need to give tiny efforts when carrying this machine. Also, this particular model can only be functional at 230 volts.

But wait! Don’t lose your patience because even if your home or workplace’s wiring supports 220 or 240 power supply, you can still use this machine without any trouble.

Klutch MP 251Si has more characteristics, such as:

  • This machine’s max DC output is 250 Amp
  • It includes two gas valves for quick shifting from one welding method to another
  • The unit consists of a spool gun that allows you to work on the toughest metal sheets like aluminum
  • This welder permits you to work on three different methods (MIG, Flux-core, and DC Stick welding)
  • It can weld materials with 1/2-inches thickness (12 mm)
  • At 250 Ampere you can savor 20% duty cycle
  • You have an option to choose this equipment in black or yellow color
  • There is an LCD to help you adjust welding settings as per your requirements
  • This model is heavier as compared to other Klutch models
  • You are required to buy basic accessories
  • It comes with the lowest duty cycle, which appears to be insufficient to resist overheating problem when working for longer durations

#5. Klutch ST201iDV DC Arc Welder

Klutch ST201iDV

Klutch ST201iDV is our fifth pick for the Klutch MIG welder review. While aesthetically, it does look like the ST200 but with more adjustment options. There are three touch-panels (buttons) at the front of the machine.

The first button, with upward and downward arrows, can be used for choosing the welding process. The middle button with arrows can be utilized to select between the momentary control and maintained control. Whereas, the third button, with ‘Fn’ written on it, helps you play with some advanced functions.

This helps you to set up the welding process with a single touch. Also, making adjustments becomes way too handy with this machine.

This device has a dual-voltage system, so you won’t find any complications in running this machine on 120 volts or 230 volts power supply. And in case the power is insufficient, you can always use a generator to make sure your work is complete right on time.

Also, some welding machines, despite being economical and full of features, fail to provide clear arcs, as they lack in high-frequency. But, with ST201iDV, you can expect better arc starts with clean results.

Additionally, this unit permits you to weld thick materials around 5/16-inches (7.9 mm), allowing you to show your creative side on mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and other hard surfaces.

Here are a few more characteristics of Klutch ST201iDV:

  • This welder is made using the Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology to give a boost in the overall production
  • The ST201iDV is a small inverter-technology welding machine with a front panel
  • You can select the electric current range from 10 to 200
  • It enables you to weld metals using TIG and Stick/Arc methods
  • It gives 25% duty cycle @ 130 amperes on 120 volts, and 30% duty cycle @ 200 amperes when connected to 230 volts power supply
  • The machine is ideal for home-based projects and covers the majority of metals for welding purpose
  • ST201iDV is a non-industrial welder and therefore cannot handle heavy tasks

Who Makes Klutch Welders

Wondering who makes Klutch welders with such great features and portability options? The credit goes to the Northern Tool + Equipment, formerly called NorthStar, a company formed by Don L. Kotula back in 1991.

The company began manufacturing tools including pressure washers, air compressors, generators, and log splitters under the NorthStar trademark. However, the name changed to Northern Tool + Equipment and the firm started producing welding equipment in 1998.

Ever since the company came into existence, it is managed by the family members. And Klutch is one of its famous welders with popularity across the globe.

Why You Should Rely on Klutch Welder?

There are many reasons to trust Klutch welders, especially if you are willing to find a welding tool that is long-lasting and easy to operate.

A. Simple Servicing

One of the best ways to save some additional bucks is to get a low-maintenance welder. Normally, welders require appropriate servicing from time to time. Moreover, the internal structure and the machinery demands repair and servicing of the parts, otherwise, there’s no way you can relish excellent performance.

On the other hand, buying a Klutch welder doesn’t mean that you are completely off of the maintenance issue, but as we researched, we found that you don’t have to take it to the service shop more often as compared to other brands.

So in a way, Klutch welders are light on your budget. So neither you pay service charges frequently nor will you find the need of grabbing screwdrivers to ensure the upkeep.

B. Transferability

Although this fact isn’t unique, we do find it appropriate to share with you, especially if welding is a part of your life. Most welding jobs require continuous movement. In other words, there are days when the welding tasks are way too difficult to reach. Sometimes the places are less spacious, which disallow you to weld with comfort.

But, as all the Klutch welders we have included in this review are portable, therefore, you can grab and place them anywhere near the working spot. Besides, some models are so lightweight that they include exclusive strap holders right on the top of the design. So all you need is to add a strap, carry it on your shoulder, and go to your work.

C. Structure

Aside from the portability factor, each Klutch welder is given a modern-day look with a combination of black and yellow colors. We also found that Klutch welding machines are tightly-packed in a compact structure that blocks contaminated air and dust particles from going inside all the crucial mechanisms.

D. Multiple Welding Methods

One of the most useful things the majority of Klutch welders have is the capability of welding different materials, with distinct thicknesses. And of course, the diversity of welding methods makes Klutch more appealing. This saves time and energy, as you can enjoy TIG, MIG, and Stick welding through a single unit by simply playing with the panel and knobs.

E. Quality

Finally, yet importantly, you can expect highly-efficient and satisfying results in the end. Thanks to the welding options, torch attribute, and a whole lot of other features, which are responsible for giving splendid outcomes.

Who Should Use Klutch Welders?

So far we think that Klutch welders are made to serve the bigger audience. From newbies to hobbyists and experienced people, this company has offered a huge range of welders, which are best for different purposes.

Nevertheless, we have categorized a few Klutch welding machine models according to different kinds of users.

  • MIG MP 140Si and ST200iDV welders are best-suited for experienced users
  • MIG Welder 140i could be best for newbies or inexperienced people
  • Conversely, all models are relevant for hobbyists
#1. Which gas can I use with Klutch welders?

If you are buying a model that can be functional on gas, such as MIG MP 140Si, then make sure to use CO2. It is advised to use 100% pure CO2 if you are welding mild steel, but even if the gas is 75% cleaner, it is safe to use. And if you are welding aluminum, you can use Argon gas to see the best results.

#2. Are all Klutch Welders multi-process?

Some Klutch welders have more than three welding processes, whereas, a few of them come with two. However, one way or another, all Klutch welders are multi-process, which allows you to weld with TIG, MIG, and other welding methods.

#3. Are Klutch welders reliable?

Yes! Klutch welders are extremely effective and authentic. You can use them for completing different welding jobs without worrying about adjustments and arc quality.

We are always fascinated to share our thoughts on different welders. We are upbeat that our Klutch welder reviews will be valuable for you, and make the buying process peaceful. We have carefully researched and reviewed each product. 

And finally, we are with the conclusion that all Klutch models are beneficial. But our majority of the votes go with MIG MP 140Si, as this welder is great for professionals. And if you think you are just a beginner, then MIG 140i should be your priority.

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