Hobart Airforce 250ci Plasma Cutter is a Game Changer?

1/4 inch thick cutting ability with remarkable results on steel, plastic, and other lightweight materials

7 ft. long power cord for unstoppable and flexible working

Consumes 115 VAC and comes with AC/DC power supply

16.5 ft. work clamp and HP-25 torch

Hobart Airforce 250ci Plasma Cutter


Hobart AirForce 250ci is permanently unavailable and has swapped with the Hobart 12ci plasma cutter (our detailed review). Feel free to visit Hobart 12ci on Amazon to learn more about the features and specifications. You can also enjoy our complete cut-50 Plasma Cutter Buyer’s Guide Here to get the best plasma cutting tool.

Striking an arc seems smooth when you have the right tools. And one of the most essential equipment you require is a solid plasma cutter.

Contrarily, if the cutter comes with various features, bingo! That’s a bonus. But the confusion begins when you see numerous models and find yourself unsure about picking the right one.

That’s why it’s better to choose the highly recommended budget plasma cutter that comes with terrific features like the Hobart AirForce 500534 250ci.

So what’s in it? And how useful it could be for you? You’ll find that out soon. So keep on reading!

What is Hobart AirForce 250ci Plasma Cutter?

Looking for a plasma cutting device for your garage and other household chores? 

Well, Hobart AirForce 250ci can add an exception to your plasma cutting experience. AirForce 250ci is a lightweight plasma cutter that is known for its smooth functioning and outstanding outcomes.

So whether there are some lightweight conductive metals, such as aluminum, titanium, or tins; heavy steel sheets, or any other steel surface, Hobart 250ci can cut them in the finest way possible.

Hobart Airforce 250ci
source: claz.org

Moreover, this cutter comes with a built-in air compressor that allows you to work without a hitch.

Why Hobart 250ci is a Game Changer?

Hobart AirForce 500534 250ci plasma cutting tool is simply magnificent. Why? Because it’s loaded with enormous traits along with great value-added features, which gives this device a tipping point. We also found several other exciting traits this device is equipped with. So, here’s what you get!

# High-Grade Performance

Hobart AirForce 250ci is a durable plasma cutter with effective performance due to:

A. Built-in Air Compressor

Most users underestimate air pressure, as they just see the coin’s one side i.e., heating the metal and converting it into a semi-gaseous state. But the real magic happens when the superheated plasma is quickly cut with the help of the air pressure.

Despite there are some plasma cutters that offer built-in air compressors, Hobart AirForce’s air pressure is unique. It cuts thick steel materials up to 1/4 inches effortlessly.

B. Effective and Lightweight Power Supply

It has a lightweight power supply that converts Direct Current into Alternative Current (DC/AC). This not only helps in saving the plasma cutter during voltage fluctuation but even enhances the overall performance when cutting different types of metal sheets.

C. High-Quality Torch

The device includes an HP-25 torch with a 5-meter lead. It is also compatible with various consumables, such as the retaining cap, shield, swirl ring, electrode, and nozzle.

250ci has a large power on/off button on the upper side of the hosepipe that brings ease in cutting while wearing thick welding gloves. Plus, there are indicators just beside the hosepipe to help you see the amp reading supplied to the torch and the air pressure.

# Easy to Operate

Hobart AirForce 250ci cutter is simple to set-up and use. We enjoyed its user-friendliness because it’s:

A. Ready-to-Go

It’s a plug-and-play cutter with zero knobs on the front or rear side. All you need to do is to connect the machine with the clamp and start cutting the material.

B. Long Power Cord for Maximum Elasticity

Short lengths cords are sometimes useless as they cease the work flexibility. As a result, you look for a multi-plug box, or an extension to increase the cord’s length that rises your expense. But thankfully, this plasma cutter allows you to work with enormous freedom due to its already extended power cord.

# Design and Structure

Although the device weighs around 27 pounds, it has a thick, ergonomic, and insulated handle to assure easy transferability. It also comes with two specialized vents on the front and back to help cool the unit.

More to this, the body is made of premium quality steel to ensure durability. Undeniably, the device is extremely portable due to the lightweight inverter and built-in air compressor, which makes it compact and easy to carry anywhere.

Of course, Hobart’s products are always of top-notch designs and 250ci plasma cutter is the ultimate example

# Safety and Warranty

Hobart AirForce 250ci is equipped with a sensor to secure the unit from a thermal accident. So in case, there’s a thermal imbalance, the sensor would automatically turn off the device.

You can also monitor this plasma cutter’s fitness by examining the diagnostic labels.

You would be glad to see how the torch wire is covered in a safe rubber sleeve to prevent it from dropping metal and sparks. So, no chances of a short circuit.

There is a wire management strap at the back of this plasma cutter that holds cords with a perfect grip so you may not struggle with the mess. Phew… At last, no more wasting time on sorting out cords.

And yes! Your Hobart AirForce 500534N 250ci comes with a company’s limited warranty.

  • It’s a lightweight plasma cutter machine with a fixed air compressor that delivers strong air pressure
  • It consists of multiple vents to maintain the temperature and overcome overheating issue
  • It requires a normal household current to remain functional
  • Users can easily identify machine’s safety status through diagnostic labels
  • It offers faster results with cutting accuracy on numerous metals including aluminum and tins
  • Each unit comes with Hobart’s warranty

  • Advance-level users may feel bound to limited options as there’s not much customization
  • The cutting power is lower than expected
  • It is not suitable for professional and heavy-duty tasks (recommended for housework only)

Hobart AirForce 250ci is a powerful plasma cutting machine. Unlike other products, this one has an onboard air compressor system that surely saves time and money. With a powerful air pressure, multiple cooling system, and superb torch, you can expect great cuts on numerous conductive metal and plastic sheets.

On the other hand, working with 250ci provides complete elasticity due to the cord’s length. Also, there’s a whole system that keeps the wires organized. And most importantly, it consumes less electricity so you can be creative as much as possible without worrying about the electric bills.

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