Hitbox Welder Reviews : Get Welding Machine for Home and Work

Finding a reasonable welder seems easy when there is someone who can guide you about the features, uses, and inform you about all the necessary details about each welding machine.

That’s why we are always ready to help you get the right thing when it comes to buying a good-quality welding tool to make sure the process becomes simple and effortless.

Hitbox Welder Reviews

And as HITBOX equipment is already popular, we thought to make a list of five of the best machines manufactured by this company. Therefore, the following HITBOX welder reviews will be extremely helpful to you. So, dive in to explore the truths about your favorite tool.

Best Hitbox Mig Welder Review

You are about to see the names of the top 5 HITBOX welders to buy through our well-researched reviews. So, here you go!

#1. Hitbox Mig 200 Review

HITBOX MIG 200 Amp Welder

So here’s our first welding tool by HITBOX that seems to be quite interesting just like the 3-in-1. But we realized that there’s only a difference of ampere between this machine and MIG250.

This welder again is a gas and gasless tool with multi-function properties. That means you can experience ARC, TIG, and MIG welding with ease. And as we researched, we found that it’s a self-shielded tool that welds a variety of metals, such as stainless steel and iron.

This equipment needs a 220V power supply to work on indoor locations where electricity is available. Conversely, it comes with an IGBT DC inverter technology that permits you to utilize this welder on an electric generator.

But if you wish to save your electricity bills, try using it on a gas supply. However, similar to MIG250, this machine can only weld iron if you are running it on gas, using a solid wire. On the other hand, you can use the machine to cut some thick metals up to 0.8mm on gasless welding through a flux-cored wire.

Here are a few more features of the HITBOX 200Amp MIG welding machine:

  • The machine is portable and you can carry it without breaking your back
  • It can weld metal rods with 4.0 max diameter through MIG, TIG, and ARC welding
  • You can save a few bucks as the package includes an MB15 MIG welding gun, earth clamp, portable plug, earth clamp, electrode holder, and flux-cored wire
  • This welder is best for beginners and hobbyists
  • The tool is suitable for welding stainless steel and carbon steel
  • It has a dustproof control panel
  • This machine is not recommended for professionals
  • You have to buy a separate spool gun connector if required

#2. Hitbox at2000 Review

HITBOX AT2000 Dual Volt Arc Welding Machine

So here’s our second pick. Let’s begin with the main characteristic. Arc welding seems pretty convenient when AT2000 is your welding buddy. Why? Well, the dual voltage system this machine provides great ease whenever you’re playing with the metal. Plus, the portability factor has made this machine more demanding.

Yes! The HITBOX AT2000 is called a miniature due to its handy size that offers convenience when it comes to switching places. And besides, this tool possesses inverter technology. You just got to connect the generator and start welding on sites where there’s no proper electric supply.

Out of many, some other features of AT2000 are:

  • HITBOX AT2000 is a powerful stick welding tool that works marvelously on 110/220V power supply
  • It’s an official IP23 certified welding machine that confirms its outdoor usability
  • The machine is engineered using Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene thermoplastic materials on the exterior (body), and interiors (wiring), such as copper, iron, and aluminum
  • It's a long-lasting welder and thanks to the 60% Duty Cycle that protects the mechanism from severe damages
  • HITBOX AT2000 is not just a machine, but it arrives with a bunch of quality accessories including an earth clamp, electrode holder, and 30A adapter
  • You can expect less spatter, stable current flow, and outstanding performance on both indoor and outdoor projects
  • The machine has a compact design with simple options, which even a newbie can understand
  • AT2000 can weld up to 3/8 inches materials and it's one of the best HITBOX's welders for beginners
  • Although the manufacturers claim that this equipment can be used for industrial purpose, our research suggests a big NO
  • It lacks many modern options, which seems to be necessary even for small welding tasks
  • The digital display and dial are found to be troubling

#3. Hitbox Mig 250 Review : 3-in-1 Welding Machine

HITBOX MIG250 3-in-1 Welding Machine

HITBOX MIG250 is a multi-functioning welding machine. It’s a small, lightweight, and portable welding equipment designed with simple options.

It allows you to enjoy different welding methods including ARC and Lift TIG welding that’s why it’s called the 3-in-1 welding machine. And although it works on a 220V when provided 230-ampere power, you can also keep your projects running on gas. This ‘Gas’ and ‘No Gas’ welder performs remarkably even when the main power source is changed. So for instance, you can use gas to weld iron when attached with a good quality 1.0 mm gas wire.

However, to weld other materials, such as stainless steel and carbon steel, you are required to provide electric supply. Also, don’t forget to use the flux-core wire working on thick materials.

HITBOX MIG250 comes with other interesting traits including:

  • It is made with an IGBT inverter technology to be used with a power generator
  • This machine can weld up to 3.2mm rods on ARC/MMA/Stick welding
  • HITBOX MIG250 is a solid welder for stainless steel and iron
  • The tool is ideal for DIY jobs, indoor decoration, and small industrial tasks
  • It comes with several useful accessories, such as 1 MB15 MIG gun, 1 gas tube, 1.5M, and 1.8 M cable, 1 earth clamp, and 1 electrode holder
  • The welder produces clean cuts, long-lasting results
  • Apart from stainless steel and iron, you can use this machine with a wide range of alloys and metals, like titanium plate and Al-Alloy
  • You cannot weld metals which are more than 0.8mm thick
  • The ground cable and electrode holder do not match the size of the MIG torch
  • Setting heat for ARC welding is quite tough as the dial is way too hard to adjust
  • The welder lacks instructions manual and it's difficult to assemble the machine when applying a new welding method
  • It's not a suitable machine for beginners

#4. HITBOX HBC5500 50 Amp IGBT Plasma Cutter

HITBOX HBC5500 50 Amp IGBT Plasma Cutter

So this one is much bigger than HITBOX AT2000 model. The HITBOX HBC5500 is a 50amp superior plasma cutting machine that slice and joins metals professionally. That’s why this machine is loved by most welding experts because it not only allows them to work efficiently but even saves their time and produces remarkable results at the end of the day.

This model is also a certified IP23 machine that produces clean cuts. And as we know the thickness concerns all the professionals, so we researched and found that this plasma cutter can make 16mm deep cuts. However, you can consider clean cuts on not more than 12mm thick materials.

And did we tell you about the metal types this machine is excellent with? Sit tight because this cutter can make you go bonkers with your creative skills. How? Because you can craft, create, and cut on different metals including, mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, galvanized pipe, aluminum, copper, and many more!

It’s hard to believe but that’s what this machine is made for. And to give you more shocks, all this heavy-duty work can be done with this small little portable cutting machine. No way right! But that’s the beauty of technology.

Oh! And talking about technology, we can’t just ignore the fun fact that this welder is equipped with an LCD with a carrying handle. So no more efforts from shifting your welder from one place to another.

A few more main features of HITBOX HBC5500 are:

  • This plasma air cutter comes with inverter switch power technology
  • This machine requires 220V to perform effectively
  • HBC550 is an IP23 certified plasma cutter
  • The HITBOX HBC5500 plasma cutting machine has a 70% duty cycle that could be savored at 50 Amp, making it an energy-saving welding tool
  • This welding tool saves you from buying additional equipment as it comes with some useful components including, a gas tube, built-in compressor, ground clamp along with cable, and PT31 cutting torch
  • You can count on this machine for completing several tasks, such as repairing and maintenance, ducting projects, automotive work, metal processing jobs, and many more
  • This machine can be used for both home and industrial purposes
  • The housing near the gauge appears to leak air if not carefully set
  • The on/off switch is made of low-quality material that breaks after using a couple of times
  • The 220V cord has loose terminals and big enough to fit the switch

#5. HITBOX 200A ARC Welder

HITBOX 200A ARC Welder

Done for the day! Here is the final name. Meet the HITBOX ARC Welder with a 200-ampere welding range. This equipment appears to be small and lightweight, but it can handle some nail-biting tasks. But make sure you use it for home projects only. This is a portable machine with zero transportation problems. All you need to do is to carry it with a handle and place it near the working area.

It has a stick welding nature that assures easy arcs and it comes with a few accessories. To be honest, we were fascinated when we began researching this machine. It looks like a small radio with a black knob as if it’s used to tune channels. But the more we dig in, the more we found that it’s an outstanding welder for home-based tasks.

So, don’t just go on the small size, as HITBOX 200A ARC welder includes some more useful features, like:

  • This machine includes a Type-1 PCB internal structure
  • The welder has a 60% duty cycle on 200A, whereas, it offers a 40% duty cycle in case of inadequate power supply (10-190A)
  • It’s an IP21 certified welding machine with a cooling fan
  • This ARC welder is easy to setup
  • It's even smaller than a toaster but provides clean cuts
  • You can experience fewer spatter to make sure the work looks neat
  • It's a great choice to complete numerous indoor and outdoor projects
  • You can enjoy welding on 12 mm thick metals without getting stressed
  • Sometimes, this welder produces open sparks which could be extremely unsafe
  • You might find it hard to start an arc on a small rod
  • Working continuously with this tool can damage the system
  • This welder has a limited lifespan and therefore, it is not suggested for experts

Why Should You Use HITBOX Inverter IGBT MIG Welder?

While researching the product to deliver authentic information through our HITBOX MIG welder review, we did find a couple of reasons for choosing this company. So, have a look.

A. Inverter Technology

The first and foremost reason why having a HITBOX welder can be a fruitful decision is the inverter technology factor. As most HITBOX models in this review are equipped with this technology, it can help you complete some outdoor welding projects without looking for a socket to put the plug.

So in case you are fixing a tank in your yard, or just in a mood to work beneath the sunlight, all you need to do is to connect the wire with a generator and work with complete liberty.

It is not only a fun thing to do, but even the OSHA research suggests that welding in highly-ventilated places can reduce gas levels and fumes. And as a result, you are more likely to breathe some fresh air during work.

B. Dual Fuel Workability

While most welders need electricity to stay functional, many HITBOX welding models allow you to work brilliantly on electric, as well as, gas supply. In other words, if you think your workplace has an inadequate voltage, you can switch your machine on gas to do all the welding chores.

So, in that way, you could also save some bucks on paying electricity bills. However, it is advisable to make electric power supply your first choice, as it might help you with clean arcs due to non-breakable current flow. But, you can rely on the gas supply too, in case there’s a power outage.

C. Portability

Getting over some successful welding tasks is an achievement. But don’t you think that giant welding machines could be challenging sometimes. How?

Imagine the welding area is too narrow to keep the machine, or way too far to get your torch. What would you do? Let us guess! Bring the task near your machine? Yes, that could be an option, but what if the thing you want to weld is immovable? Pretty tough situation, isn’t it? That’s why portable welding equipment is loved by many professionals and hobbyists, as it allows them to work with efficiency. And fortunately, the list we have in this review includes all HITBOX portable models.

D. No Overheating Problem

Most welding jobs require hours of work, and sadly, not all welding machines are capable to resist such pressure. But HITBOX welding machines are above such issues. Thanks to the duty cycle that keeps running the machine for several hours. And while the standard duty cycle in any welder should be at least 60%, gladly 4 out of 5 welders in this review are 60% and above.

E. Outstanding Results

If you’re expecting some remarkable outcomes, you can trust the HITBOX cuts. So whether you want to have ARC, MIG, or TIG welding, you can enjoy clean cuts at the end of the day. Likewise, HITBOX welders allow you to weld different metal thickness levels, ranging from 0.8 mm to 16 mm.

F. Free Accessories

Again, a money-saver factor. Whenever you order any HITBOX welder, the parcel usually includes free accessories, such as an earth clamp, MIG torch, and many more. It not only gives you monetary benefit but even saves your time you would waste on buying some basic supportive tools.

G. Multi-Purpose

Last but not the least, these HITBOX machines can be used for home-based projects along with not-so-heavy industrial tasks. Plus, all the models appear to be pretty economical that many households can afford.

#1. Are HITBOX welders worth buying?

Yes. HITBOX welders come with useful features. They can weld thick metal sheets, and are portable enough to be carried near the working area. Additionally, you can work on different welding modes like ARC, MIG, and TIG. Also, you can use run them on both electricity and gas.

#2. What should I look for when buying any HITBOX welding machine?

There are many things to consider when buying any welder. And to be specific about HITBOX models, we suggest that you look for the duty cycle, welding modes, gas, and electric option. But most importantly, make sure you pick the welder with IGBT inverter technology.

#3. Can I use HITBOX welders for heavy-duty welding jobs?

It depends on the welder. There are certain HITBOX models, like the HBC5500 on which you can rely when it’s about welding big projects. However, the majority of HITBOX welders are best for medium-level tasks and home projects.

We believe that our HITBOX welder reviews have given you a way to approach the right model. Although all HITBOX machines are useful one way or another, if you want a strong duty cycle model, we would suggest going for the MIG250 3-in-1. The same model can be picked for the ‘Gas’ and ‘No-Gas’ feature.

Contrarily, HBC5500 can help score on industrial projects, whereas, the HITBOX AT2000 can be your priority for outdoor jobs. Nevertheless, you can always pick the right welder that fulfills all your needs.

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