Esab Welder Review : Esab Rebel Emp 215ic

Getting a high-performing welder machine could make your projects easier. The problem is, even if the machine is expensive, it may not give the best service for all purposes. 

To avoid such issues, professionals used to pick products from brands that have a long reputation for good products. Esab Rebel is such a brand that is delivering topnotch welder machines for professional welders. That’s why we are aiming to write an Esab welder review.

Esab Welder Reviews

The purpose of this Esab Rebel review is to let you know which products should you choose from the rebel series. Though the brand is undoubtedly good, still you might want to pick the best one within your budget. Besides the top products, you will get to know how to select a product with the right considerations.

Best Esab Rebel Welder [Comparison]

Product Name Process Welding Weight(Pounds) Remark Price
Product Name
esab rebel emp 215ic review
Esab Rebel EMP 215IC
Process Welding
MIG/ TIG/ Stick Welder
Versatile design to apply on wide range of metals
Product Name
ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic
ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic
Process Welding
MIG/ Flux-Cored/ TIG/ Stick Welder
Best for transport and dual power supply

Top Esab Rebel Welder Reviews

Esab Rebel has an exclusive product line up. During the selection process, the longer list may bother you. To give an effective solution in the buying process, we picked the top 2 welders. Each of these products is offering the best feature at the best price.

#1. Esab Rebel EMP 215IC Review - 120/230 Volt Dual Voltage

esab rebel emp 215ic review

This is a multi-process welder which means you can perform several types of works with a single machine. Check further details in this Esab rebel em 215ic review.

There are indeed tons of products available in the market that is mentioned as a multi-process welder. But when you check the performance, that will disappoint you. Unlike those typical welders, no such issues will happen with the ESAB EMP215IC. Whether it is MIG, TIG, or Stick welding, it is convenient to use.

The most common issue with a high-end welder is they are heavy and bulky. ESAB EMP215IC is instead portable and easy to carry. The machine comes in a unique roll cage that allows carrying the whole unit. The roll cage comes in steel construction for sturdiness. The weight of this machine is 79.2 pounds. Moreover, it features a handle on top that makes it really portable.

Customers mostly like its smart feature. It can learn from your operating style to perform better. Featuring all the advanced technology, it is easy to operate. Though the design is preferable for professionals, it also suits for beginners. Operating the machine is easy and it comes with a user-friendly control panel. A large screen on the welder allows to check the details.

You don’t have to order additional items with this unit as all essential equipment is included. MIG gun, electrode holder, TIG torch, earth clamp, and more things are included. ESAB EMP215IC is a perfect one for experts who want to increase the productivity and efficiency of the machine.

  • Highly portable for hassle-free transport
  • Multi-process welder with different styles
  • TFT screen for users' convenience
  • Suitable for a wide range of metals and mild heavy metals
  • Dual voltage facility to connect wherever you want
  • Easy to operate and suits to all
  • This is a DC only welder machine

#2. Esab Rebel emp 205ic Review - AC/DC Multi-Process Welder

ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic

Ever struggled with a welder that doesn’t support dual power supply?

Well, you are not the only one who suffered from the issue. If you don’t want to fall in such situations, add ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic in your tools collection. Esab rebel has implemented all the technological advancement in it. The goal of this multi-process welder is to provide the most effective solution to experts.

This is a real all-process welder that allows for MIG, Stick, Flux-cored, and both AC and DC TIG welding. Regardless of the type of project, you can use the unit without any hesitation. While it is a super powerful welder, the whole unit is designed for great portability. You can Take projects regardless of the project area. Whether it is an indoor or remote area, with the portability and dual power source capability, you would be hassle-free.

For professional TIG welding, this performs beyond expectation. It ensures high frequency start in both AC and DC modes and balance the adjustment. On the other hand, it features MIG welding technology, this delivers smart which continuously learns the operator’s technique. It will cope with your style that you will be comfortable in projects.

This unit features a display where you can observe the welding process and set trim adjustment, pre/post flow control, inductance control, and more. Multi-lingual support is convenient for people from different regions.

  • It weighs only 49 lbs.
  • Heavy metal construction for durability
  • Performs best with a variety of metals including aluminum
  • Required attachments come with the machine
  • It increases productivity to take more projects
  • 4 programmable memories for different styles
  • Easily copes with the operator
  • Because of high-end features, it is expensive

Best Esab Rebel Welder Machine [Buying Guide]

As I promised, here are the factors that you must consider to pick a new welder. Look for the following features in the selected product –

# Portability:

The point of getting a portable welding machine is staying comfortable when moving the machine around. For instance, if you have to often move to different sites for projects, you can’t move a heavyweight or bulky machine. You need to focus on the weight of the machine and portability is highly related to the product’s weight.

Now there are two options for you if you have to transport the machine frequently. Either you will have to purchase something lightweight or look for a product that comes with a carrying cart. The convenience with carrying cart is, you can even move a heavier one on the wheels. Some machines even come with wheels on the base that allow them to move the whole system. However, if your projects don’t demand to move the machine, weight is not going to be a big issue for you.

# Power Supply Compatibility:

Nowadays, everyone likes to have convenient things and it is so true for professional tools. If your welding machine has the power compatibility for both AC and DC power sources, that would be great. Regardless of your working area, you can conveniently operate the machine. This fact needs to consider before you place an order.

It plays a major role in choosing what types of projects you can handle. For example, sometimes you will get an offer to work in a remote area where electric power supply may not be available. You can take the chance only when the machine supports both AC and DC.

All welder machines don’t come with the feature. Some products are only for AC power supply while some are only for the DC power supply.  heavy-duty. You got both types of welders in this Esab welder review.

# Capability:

Buying a new welding machine is not like just to visit the online store and pick one. You need to consider what you want to do with the welder. Is it all about your hobbies or you want to super perform in your projects? Knowing the answer to this question is very important. Because according to the type of your projects, you need to consider which one to buy.

For beginners or hobbyists, a mid-level welder machine would be enough. But when you want to deal with some really thick metal, the machine needs to be extremely durable. It should have a well-controlled operational system. Check the product description to know for which types of metals you can apply it. I would also suggest reading some after purchased customer feedback to know where they are applying the welder.

# Attachment:

Any professional welder knows that he needs different additional attachments based on the projects. Buying only the welder machine won’t be enough for top-level works. Some additional accessories are necessary. For instance, you need a gun, torch, wire feeders, and more things to complete a project.

Read the whole product description to find out what you will get with a new product. It will vary according to the model of the Esab rebel model number. Some products may even come with plasma cutting accessories while some models might come only with the basic thing. You need to make sure that you are getting the essentials.

# Price:

You can’t deny that price plays a vital role when it is about choosing a good welder machine. Setting the right budget for an Esab Welder is crucial. Identify what features matter for you. There is no point in purchasing a new welder with all modern features which won’t help you. It will just waste money. Consider similar products from Esab Rebel to get a clear concept of pricing.

Benefits of Buying Esab Welders

Longevity – The best thing about the Esab Rebel series is, they are highly durable. Products come with heavy steel construction that ensures longevity.

Smart Features – Smart feature of the welder allows you to perform projects conveniently. Though they are designed for professionals, beginners can also operate the machine easily.

Versatility – This is the reason you should spend on an Esab Rebel welder without thinking twice. With a single machine, you can complete all kinds of projects. Buying an Esab welder means you are saving money on other products.

Freebies – We used to see welder machines often come only as a single item. You need to purchase additional accessories. But when it is an Esab Rebel welder, you will get everything for free. From welding gun to gloves, everything comes with a new product.

#1. I have read Esab rebel reviews, but why they are expensive?

Well, there is no doubt that they are expensive. But did you see still they are popular in the market? The secret is, welders from this brand are versatile. You don’t need to purchase individual welder machines for each type of works.

#2. Do you recommend these welders for beginners?

Why not! If you do have a good budget and want to go to the next level of skills, you can start with them. They are easy to operate and easily cope with the style of the operator. Despite all advancement, you don’t need to replace the product once you are on the pro level.

#3. Most of my projects are required to visit onsite, how portable these machines are to carry to the project site?

Each of the above items is portable. But I would recommend purchasing the ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic for maximum portability. This unit also supports both AC and DC.

This Esab welder review has introduced you to some cool products with the top features. If you really want to perform like a pro, you should grab one of the above products. It is not necessary to purchase the most expensive one to perform better. instead, identify what kinds of projects you have deal most. Based on your project requirements, pick the best welder from the list.

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