Eastwood MP250i Review : Multipurpose Welder

When you are doing a restoration work or welding an automobile, one stitch is not enough. The Eastwood’s product called Eastwood MP250I is a multi-process Inverter welder which is used to MIG, TIG or stick weld. It is a compact, powerful and a versatile machine of its kind.

Let’s look at the Eastwood MP250I reviews and ratings.

Voltage: 120 or 240V

Amperage: 15-250A

Weldable Material: Steel, Aluminum

Power: IGBT Inverter Based

Duty Cycle: 60% (full 250 amps) and 100 % (at 194 amps)

Wire sizes: 0.030 - 0.045

Wire Feed Speed: 78-629 (in/min)

Welding type: MIG, TIG or Stick

Weld up to: 1/2"

  • It's Multipurpose inverter welder
  • Good duty cycle
  • IGBT inverter technology
  • Compact and Simple to use
  • Durability and feasible
  • With a foot pedal MP250I not perfect
  • Little bit heavy

Eastwood MP250i Review [KEY BENEFITS]

Eastwood MP250I has a 60% duty cycle at 250amps even 100% at 194 amps. So, It makes the work productive and does not consume much man power. This powerful welder never give any trouble when you are doing any important welding task.

It has powerful modern IGBT inverter technology that conduct on 120/240 volt with adapter cord. The most impressive thing about Eastwood MP250I is that you can weld continuously for 6 minutes and let it rest.

Eastwood MP250i Review
source: eastwood.com

Using Eastwood MP250I multipurpose machine you can welds any kinds of thin sheet metal up to ½ inch at 220v inputWelds aluminum up to 1/4 inch using an additional spool gun.

With the wide enough amperage, the welding can be done at home without any trouble. The machine’s simple to use interface is quite exquisite. All the work such as setting up of Voltages and Amperes are related to knobsThese adjustable knobs make it easier to operate for the welder who does not have enough knowledge can use it without any complexity.

Due to its massive range from 15 to 250 amps it is quite preferable to use at home or for professional use. Eastwood MP250I is not behind anyone in terms of versatility as it functions as a MIG, TIG, STICK and core flux welder.

A 15 feet long ground cable gives it an edge and you can weld anywhere and anytime without any hassle. As well as 15-feet long 3 torches ( Mig, Tig and electrode) cable.  Moreover it is quite easy to handle with simple to use interface and adjustable knobs control.

With the weight of 137 pounds, it is a little heavier to move around in different spaces making it difficult for the person to work around. So, keeping it at an ideal position is a must to avoid continuous changes or use plasma cutter cart to move easily.

Its dimensions are 36” x 21” x 31” making it easier for you to store it in your home or garage. It is going to take little to no storage space due to its compact design.

Eastwood MP250I comes with a warranty of 3 years. The company assures to repair or replace the machine as a whole if there is a malfunction in workmanship. But take note that the warranty is only valid until in possession of the original owner and if subjected to improper use the warranty will not void.

What’s Inside?

Eastwood MP250I packs a bunch of items inside. There are boxes A and B. The box A consists of the welder and the instruction manual to operate and set up the welder. The box B comes with items like MIG Torch, TIG Torch, 300 amps Electrode Holder, 300 amps Ground Cable and adapter.

#1. Can this machine weld aluminum?

Yes, it can. MP250I can weld aluminum with an optional spool gun that comes with it. You need to have that spool gun if you want to weld aluminum. Spool gun is available online too.

#2. Can it use foot pedal?

No, the machine only has configuration for TIG, MIG and stick welding, so you cannot use a pedal with it.

#3. What is required circuit for 240V?

It requires a 50amps circuitry for 240 volts.

Seeing all the specs and features of the welder and seeing the Eastwood MP250I reviews, it is safe to say that this is the best welding machine out there in an affordable price.

The versatility of welding machine to weld almost all kind of material such as steel and aluminum differentiates it from the other machines in this price bracket. The welder is powerful and much better than the Hobart 210 MVP that costs almost the same price.

With the decent reviews about this machine, it stands out from all other welding machines in this category.

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