Eastwood Mig 135 Review : Under The Spotlight!

Trying to weld something flawlessly? Surely, it could be an expensive activity no matter if you take it as a profession or just a hobby. And while most welding machines could be heavy on your pocket, the inexpensive ones may come with a lot of missing features.

Contrarily, choosing excellent welding equipment from a plethora of models and brands is like finding a lost pebble in the middle of the ocean. However, Eastwood MIG 135 appears to be popular among the fellow welders.

But to save you from losing your time and money, we are happy to share our Eastwood MIG 135 review to help you understand whether buying this welding tool is a good decision or just another risk that needs to be eliminated.

It can weld different conductive materials and sheets up to 24 gauge

Welding capability up to 3/16 inches through solid core wire and 1/4 using flux core wire

Comes with 8 ft. ground cable along with a clamp

Includes Tweco-Style torch with 25-135 amperage welding range

Easily compatible with any 20172 Spool Gun for better welding results on aluminum

  • Flux core and MIG welding becomes simple with MIG 135
  • Full knob control system for adjusting the speed
  • The welder uses 110/120VAC household current that results in stable electric bills
  • It has a portable design that enables you to carry it anywhere you want
  • MIG 135 has a solid body and produces long-lasting results
  • Not suitable for experts and professionals
  • Cannot weld materials more than 24 gauge

Who Can Use Eastwood MIG 135 Welder?

MIG 135 is perfect for beginners, who wish to learn and excel in the mechanical field. On the other hand, you can also use this welder for household tasks and as a hobbyist. If you are interested in MIG welding we recommend reading our best budget Mig Welder article.

A Glimpse of MIG 135 Welder

The MIG 135 Welder is an infamous Eastwood’s brand that appears to be a great solution for you as a light fabricator or a home hobbyist. 

The equipment is capable of producing premium welds on thin steel and sheet metals, which we found better from most of the other brands.

And the best part is that the machine is equipped with various features, which seems awesome when it comes to weld successfully.

Eastwood Mig 135 Review
source: eastwood.com

Is Eastwood a Trustworthy Manufacturer?

Yes! We like to judge companies and products from head to toe, as we don’t want our readers to miss any spot. So when it comes to Eastwood, everything seems A-Okay!

The organization has been active since 1978 and producing numerous DIY metal fabrication instruments for different purposes. Nevertheless, one of its core functions is to develop welding machines for the auto industry. And that is how you get to see MIG 135.

Uncovering Eastwood MIG 135 Welder Features

Got to admit that MIG 135 is full of exceptional features. So tighten your seat belts, as we’re taking you on the roller coaster ride.

# Flexibility on Different Metals

If you’re searching for a top-notch welding machine for MIG and flux core welding, then Eastwood MIG 135 welder could be your long-term companion. Why? Because it can weld different metal types including, stainless steel, magnesium, silicon bronze, carbon steel, aluminum, and copper.

In other words, any solid material with a 24 gauge thickness can be weld using this machine. And the tool can also handle 1/4 inches to 3/16 inches wire wraps as you start the flux core welding.

# Dual Control System

Surprisingly, this welding machine comes with two main control knobs, which we didn’t find in any other welder within a similar budget. So, the first knob is for the wire speed to control welding penetration along with amperage, whereas, the second knob is for controlling the voltage. And most importantly, you don’t have to be a welding wizard to understand the control functionality.

Pro Tip -1

For extraordinary performance and extreme flexibility, you can also get yourself a welder cart and 20 or 40 Versa or Cut-50 plasma cutter.

# Overheating Prevention

Some welders don’t have any safety strategy installed, while most machines have low-quality protection against overheating. And unfortunately, that’s an open threat, as excessive heat can damage the machine, as well as, hurt someone badly.

But going for the Eastwood MIG 135 means buying a welding device with a thermal protection capability to save welder from overheating.

source: thesamba.com
# Total Movability

Another greatest feature of this welding machine is portability. How? Well, it weighs 56 pounds only that allows you to carry it from one place to another without panting.

Plus, MIG 135 doesn’t require much space to settle. So even if your garage has a limited size, you can keep this welder anywhere near the project and enjoy the work.

# User-Friendly Design

Want to experience some excellent beads? No! You don’t have to be a pro mechanic for that if you have MIG 135. This welding tool comes with simple functions, which even a beginner can use. We had the honors of welding a flat stock metal, and fortunately, we found the machine simple to operate.

# Wide Range Amperage

Another superb trait about MIG 135 welder is the wide amperage range that starts from 25 amp to 135 amp. So, if you’re working on a max 24 gauge material, then you can adjust the amp between the ranges through the control panel to get some really fast results.

# Standard Electricity Consumption

Using MIG 135 welder by Eastwood guarantees minimum power consumption since it works on the standard 110/120VAC current available in almost every garage and household. As a result, there’s no serious effect on billing.

# Speed Adjustment

Many welding machines have a constant welding speed. But MIG 135 feeds wire for about 39 to 468 inches every minute. Moreover, it has an unlimited adjustable wire speed that goes hand-in-hand with heat settings.

Pro Tip -2

Make sure to wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), such as welding helmet, glasses, and hand shield to avoid injuries from welding wires and spatters.

# Long-Lasting Results

When it comes to welding sheets, flux cores, tanks, or anything that demands joining some metals together, you can trust the Eastwood 135 MIG’s beads. The machine produces superior beads with minimum weld spatter during the process. Also, the outcomes are durable and fascinating.

# Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee

Although there are no trust issues with this welder, you might still be concerned about the warranty time. And the good news is that MIG 135 110VAC welder comes with a 3-Year limited warranty. That means in case anything goes wrong with the machine, you can claim the warranty and get a new piece. However, if you’re unsatisfied with its performance, Eastwood offers a 60-days money-back guarantee.

What to Expect when Unpacking Eastwood MIG 315 Welder?

MIG 315 comes with the following contents:

MIG 315 main unit with face shield

Drive roller (switchable)

8 inches gun cable and ground cable

0.023 inches steel MIG wire

Additional contact tip (0.023 inches)

Hose and gas regulator

Tweco-Style Gun along with consumables

Wire brush

After digging deep to provide an honest eastwood 135 mig welder review , we are quite satisfied with this tool’s performance. So, undeniably, the MIG 315 is an ideal welder for beginners. With several outstanding features, such as portability, durability, and mesmerizing results, you can use this welding device at any time and any place. 

Also, this welder comes with Tweco-Style torch, overheating prevention system, and welds mild materials up until it reaches 24 gauges, completely safe and sound.

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