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Lincoln 210 mp vs Miller 215

When referring to the big boys in the welding industry, Lincoln and Miller are two names that shouldn’t be far from your lips. These welding machine giants have repeatedly proven that they are worthy of competing against each other and they both deserve the number one position.   Today, we will be focusing on two […]

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6013 vs 7018 Welding Rod Compared

What do these numbers mean? Every welding electrode has an electrode number printed on it. These numbers are either printed on the electrode stick or the welding electrode pack. In this piece, we will show you how the 6013 and 7018 welding electrodes will fare when placed head to head. By the American Welding Society “AWS” standards, you […]

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What Kind Of Welding Rod To Use On Cast Iron?

A welding rod refers to an electrode (i.e. 6011 vs 6013 ) of a filler metal that is utilized to join two separate pieces of metals while welding. Welding rod is like a metal wire, and the materials are similar to the metal that is being welded. There are generally two types of welding rods –  Consumable, and […]

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How Much Does Underwater Welders Make A Year

Many people are aware of welding which they usually see at hardware stores or in heavy machine stores. However, underwater welding is not the usual welding as it is different in its distinct approaches. The thing that makes it unique is that its welding is done underwater.  It’s hard to comprehend how welding can be […]

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