5 Best Desiccant Air Dryer For Plasma Cutter : Stop Pollutants Right Away!

Producing high-quality welding projects with incomplete tools seems impossible. Isn’t that one of the biggest reasons why professional welders and hobbyists look for some great plasma cutting tools? Indeed, most plasma cutting machines are the main reason behind successful welding jobs.

However, over time, the equipment loses its strength and becomes less efficient when it comes to making remarkable arcs. And do you know why? Because of the polluted air that enters the plasma cutter mechanism and damages the torch and other essential components, which are responsible for offering the finest results.

Best Desiccant Air Dryer For Plasma Cutter
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But as every problem has a solution, therefore, finding the best desiccant air dryer for plasma cutter can help you overcome such difficulties. So, let’s explore them together and reveal the secrets of getting the best air drying devices for your plasma cutting machine.

Five Trending Best Desiccant Air Dryer For Plasma Cutter

To help you to get an outstanding air dryer, we have reviewed the five best air dryers to help ease your welding work. And we vote for the following filters:

#1. M-40 Motor Guard Sub-Micronix 3/8 NPT Compressed Air Filter

M-40 Motor Guard Air Dryers for Plasma Cutters

Motor Guard’s M-40 is one of the prominent compressed air filters available in the market. Why? Because M-40 is one the best remedies to banish polluted air from your plasma cutter. Thanks to its design and structure that eliminates oil aerosols, concentrated moisture, and other harmful materials as little as 0.01 microns.

More to this, the M-40 compressed air filter by Motor Guard is manufactured using all eco-friendly ways to capture unwanted particles. Also, it plays a vital role in absorbing oil and moisture from the atmosphere. Thus, allowing you to feel smooth plasma cutting every time you plug the tool.

M-40 Sub-Micronix compressed air filter comes with excellent features, such as:

  • It’s a pure US brand that claims to remove unwanted materials which cannot be seen with a normal sight
  • This air filter can be directly installed on your any 3/8-inches or relatively bigger lines
  • M-40 is coated with aluminum housing that assures durable life and long-lasting results
  • This compressed-air filter offers ultra-clean air to your plasma cutter to make sure every arc is cleaner, smoother, and faster
  • M-40 is compatible with most plasma cutters
  • It helps prolong your plasma gun's life
  • Porous body casting that allows excessive air to pass through the compressor, demanding an immediate compressor change

Pro Tip

You might need to change the filter as soon as it traps water, otherwise, the moisture would enter the aluminum housing

#2. Ingersoll D42IN Compressed Air Dryer Refrigerated SCFM 25

Ingersoll D42IN Compressed Air Dryer

Ingersoll’s D42IN is a high-quality refrigerated air dryer that keeps your plasma cutter parched from all the corners. This compressed air dryer is equipped with premium heat exchangers along with a stainless steel demister that takes away all the moisture and supplies a damp-free air.

D42IN also includes a programmable electronic valve that not only reduces the air loss tendency but even saves excessive electricity consumption. Besides, it includes advanced microprocessors that give you complete control of setting the system parameters.

Also, it enhances the cooling capacity, as well as, maintains the dew point. Plus, there’s an onboard coalescing filter to cease the unwanted particles by separating the oil and water.

Ingersoll D42IN compressed air dryer includes some outstanding traits:

  • The D42IN is a programmable air dryer that can be adjusted as per need
  • It provides a durable air supply to assure continuous work
  • It can bear up to 203 PSI pressure and filter particles up to 1.0 micron
  • This drying keeps moist air from your plasma cutter and saves it from rust
  • There's a temperature-driven fan with auto-adjustable speed to eliminate heat
  • It has a slow draining process (the water doesn't drain out the lines quickly)

#3. Motor Guard M-26 Sub-Micronic Compressed Air Filter

Motor Guard M-26 Sub-Micronic Compressed Air Filter

If you’re concerned about your plasma cutter’s tip life and want to increase its efficiency, then M-26 compressed air filter could be a great pick. This sub-micronic compressor is another best Motor Guard product that removes moisture and oil aerosols as soon as it captures. It also allows you to complete your welding projects with minimum arc sputter.

You can also count on M-26 to reduce corrosive damage of the top and electrode of the cutter, permitting you to work without breaks. Additionally, this air filter is ideal for restoring your plasma cutting machine to its maximum performance.

So, if you’re missing your machine’s old efficiency, then Motor Guard M-26 compressed air filter can bring back that lost charm.

Moto Guard M-26 is also famous for including useful characteristics, such as:

  • M-26 offers a maximum of 125 PSI and minimum pressure drops
  • It fits any 1/4-inches plasma cutter line
  • You can expect dirt-free air with an increased airflow
  • The filter is pretty simple to fix in the plasma cutter system
  • M-26 gives longevity to your cutting machine
  • It's an ideal equipment to halt all the dry and wet substances, which causes damage to your welding machine
  • If you're using this filter on the regular basis, then you are required to change the filters every once in a week
  • Not suitable for professionals

#4. Edge Industrial 3 Stage Grade Filter Regulator and Coalescing Desiccant Dryer

Edge Industrial 3 Stage Grade Desiccant Dryer

It’s a remarkable innovation by Edge Industrial that performs its duty in three different segments. For instance, stage 1 clears 95% of the moisture as small as 5 microns as it is outfitted with a powerful water trap filter.

The air is further purified up to 99% in stage 2 where the coalescing filter removes the majority of oil elements as small as 0.01 microns. Finally, the air passes by the desiccant air dryer in stage 3 where it is 100% clean, dry, and ready to be used by your plasma cutter.

The 3-Stage grade filter by Moto Guard has some other appreciable features. For example:

  • Designed out of aluminum and made for heavy-duty industrial projects
  • 3 stage filter and dryer wipes away even the tiniest contaminant from your plasma cutting tool
  • With its auto-drain feature, you can experience high-quality cuts through your cutter on some of the stubborn metal sheets
  • This 3-stage air filter is easy to install with long-lasting effects
  • The dryer is completely leak-free and has a solid body
  • It has a 3/4-inches NPT that fits your machine's pipe without any leaks
  • It works splendidly on heavy-duty projects
  • You have to dry the beads every once in a while as the desiccant has a limited beads holding capacity

#5. Edge Industrial In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer with Desiccant Beads

Edge Industrial In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer

We are pretty impressed with the In-Line desiccant air dryer. However, the thing we admired the most is the way the desiccant beads change their color from blue to almost light pink every time they seize any contaminant.

Some other Edge Industrial In-Line air desiccant qualities are:

  • It’s a good quality desiccant that removes humidity, oil, and water from the compressed air
  • The product can be fixed to any 3/8-inches pipe threads
  • This desiccant air dryer comes with a speedy release bowl that ensures quick maintenance of the overall equipment
  • It has a metal-guarded wall to survive hot and cold temperatures
  • You see the contaminated beads from the glass area and remove them without any extra efforts
  • You have to purchase extra beads because the product comes with two bead bags only
  • Leaks air on 100 PSI or above pressure

Best Air Filter For Plasma Cutter [Things to Consider When Buying]

Are you trying to find the best desiccant air dryer for plasma cutter? Here’s a short guide that will help you get to choose the right product.

# Air Filter Type

First things first, the most crucial part is selecting the right air filter type. Apart from numerous kinds, it is in your best interest to pick a desiccant dryer or refrigerated dryer.

A. Desiccant Dryers

Most air filters fall in the desiccant dryer category. These filters compress air in a ‘tube’ like containers. And these containers are filled with useful absorbents (usually beads), which are known as ‘desiccants’. 

Now, if you closely analyze, 4 out 5 air dryers we have mentioned here are desiccant. They are tube-shaped and professionals love to have them as a part of their cut-50 plasma cutter. Desiccant dryers are easy to use and filter out all the unwanted particles from the air.

B. Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated dryers are mostly found in tower-shapes, and utilizes the same refrigeration process that is used by your home refrigerator. However, these air purifiers cool the compressed air and depart moisture from it in the form of water. After the condensation process, all the liquid is collected and transferred to the draining unit.

# All-Rounder Contaminant Remover

Now that you are aware of the two main air filter types for your plasma cutter, so try to look for the one that performs effectively on both liquid and dry contaminants. In other words, find the air filter that can pull out dust, debris, water, and all other pollutants from entering your plasma cutting lines, and provide 100% refined air.

# Material

Although air filters are made of different materials, the majority of them are designed using aluminum, especially the desiccant dryers. They are safe and have a durable life.

# Size

When choosing an air filter for your plasma cutter, don’t forget to get the right size. Some plasma machines have 1/4-inches NPT, while others require 3/4 and 3/8-inches lines to assure a perfect fit. Keep in mind, that size accuracy is requisite, as it leaks-free the entire unit.

# Pressure

Always opt for high-pressure air dryers. The minimum acceptable range is from 100 PSI to 200 PSI. And, the higher you go the better performance you would get.

Is it Worth Buying an Air Dryer?

Buying an air dryer or filter for your plasma cutter could be extremely beneficial. How? Well, suppose you’re planning to use the plasma cutting machine for more than 8 hours a day. So operating the tool without an excellent air filter requires more investment in the consumables to get optimum results in the long run.

However, that would be an expensive way to complete the job. Contrarily, attaching an air filter to any budget plasma cutter unit will save your money. More to this, it will enhance the plasma cutter’s life. And of course, you won’t have to purchase some pricey consumables.

What is the Advantage of Air Dryer for Plasma Cutter?

The plasma cutting method relies on the principles of physics. The plasma torch is designed to produced gas swirl patterns and proper flow rate to experience outstanding arc velocity. The dry air includes 20% of oxygen and 80% of nitrogen, and the torch is engineered to work according to the combination of these gases within the same amount.

But when there’s additional moisture due to the contaminated air, it changes the entire science. The increased oxygen and hydrogen levels damage the orifice shape and nozzle bore. And as a consequence, the cut quality is negatively affected.

Therefore, connecting an air dryer to your plasma cutter provides filtered air. Moreover, it not only stops moisture but even stops harmful particles from breaking into the plasma equipment.

So, undeniably, an air dryer is a boon to all the welders out there, who are always willing to prove their mettle on the metal.


#1. Why a plasma cutter requires an air dryer?

It prevents your plasma cutter from polluted particles. It’s a must-have accessory if you want to endure cleaner cuts every time you turn on your plasma cutting tool.

#2. For how long does the air dryer keep the plasma cutter tip workable?

It depends on consumption. Therefore, theirs is no fixed period. But, if you are not using an air filter/dryer with your plasma cutter, then expect 2 to 4 days plasma cutter tip durability. Contrarily, using an air dryer prolongs the duration.

#3. What is the shelf life of desiccant?

You can keep desiccant packs for a maximum of 12 months. Nevertheless, make sure that any open packet must be sealed again within 15 minutes.

Buying the best desiccant air dryer for plasma cutter could be a challenging, as well as, time-consuming process. But we hope that our researched products can be helpful to you. For sure, the decision is in your hands.

Yet, we do suggest going for the Edge Industrial’s 3-stage dryer if you’re into some regular heavy-duty welding schemes. It can capture 0.01 microns pollutants from the air, and also eliminates water and oil components from the atmosphere. So, if you are working in a highly-contaminated area, then desiccant dryers should be at the top of your list.

And if you are more concerned about moisture rather than dry contaminants, then Ingersoll D42IN comes with a 203 PSI pressure that is suitable to capture contaminants as tiny as 1.0 micron. Refrigerated dryers are best for splitting up oil and water from the air. So, if you’re workplace has high moisture in the air, then selecting the refrigerated dryer would be a smart choice.

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