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For welders, the right selection of welding machines can save time and give smooth finishing in the project. Amico welders are popular among the professionals and both DIY lovers because of its extreme power and longevity. They are used to be safe and easy to use. However, if you are thinking of buying the Amico welder, whether it is TIG or MIG, you must know the details before placing an order.

This Amico welder review will introduce you to top products from the brand. Here we have discussed in detail about the features. After reading this, you would get to know why you should get one. 

Best Amico Welder [Comparison]

Product Name Duty Cycle Amps Voltage Remark Price
Product Name
For Budget
Amico 160 amp Welder Review
Amico Power Dc160A
Duty Cycle
Dual voltage Amico welder with compact design
Product Name
amico power tig 200 dc review
Amico 200dc power tig
Duty Cycle
High power capacity with versatile design

Top Amico Welder Reviews

Amico has a wide range of power tools that could speed up projects. However, if you are thinking to pick the best one, that could be tough. Here we have picked top two welders from Amico. From the Amico tig welder review and Amico amico stick welder review, you will get all information that requires to take buying decision. We are not saying that, it’s final but hope the best out of the crowd.

#1. Amico 160 amp welder review - Stick Arc Dc 115/230V dual voltage

Amico 160 amp Welder Review

Amico welders come in both expensive and cheaper models. If most of your contractual works are small or you like to do DIY projects, you should go for this Amico Amico Power Dc160A welder. The later part of this Amico 160 amp welder review will let you know more details.

It is an affordable option for individual contractors and DIY lovers. With the most reasonable price, you will get all the features to get superior performance. The main reason for the popularity of this item is its lightweight design. While welder machines are commonly heavy, this one weighs only 14 pounds. It means users can carry the whole unit with one hand. This is so convenient when you need to visit several places for different projects.

It is a DC stick arc welding machine which means you can directly plug into the power socket to operate the machine. The good thing is, this unit supports both 115V and 230V. Regardless of the area, you are living in, the power source is not an issue.

It features automatic compensation for voltage fluctuation. The welding machine would work perfectly against input voltage fluctuation. Moreover, it causes a small splash and great for penetration. Comes with the essential safety features for maximum protection to the welder. It provides over-voltage, overload, and over current protection to extend the life of the machine.

From beginners to experts, anyone can operate the machine because of its ease of use. It is the best Amico welder for the money. With the top-grade material, it is durable and lasts longer.

  • Compact and lightweight for hassle-free transport
  • Up to 60% duty cycle
  • Energy-saving design to save in utility bill
  • Doesn’t cause much noise or heavy splash
  • Safety protection for the machine for extended life
  • The price of the welder is affordable
  • Comes with all the essential components to save additionally
  • Not the ideal one for heavy projects
  • There is no mechanism for AC power

#2. Amico power tig 200 dc review

amico power tig 200 dc review

If you are looking for something powerful but have a moderate budget, we would recommend going for this unit. Read the Amico power TIG 200 dc review for more details.

The welder allows for a wide range of works. It is a versatile machine that can perform TIG welding, stick welding, and more. For professional contractors, this Amico welder is a good option.

This is an inverter DC welder. Compared to non-inverter welders, it could save more energy. Even with the 200 amp welding facility, it will save energy and utility bills. Another benefit of being an inverter welder is its compact design. It is really convenient to carry to the project site. The overall weight of the whole unit is only 25 units. This ensures that the user could easily pick the welder and go for the jobsite.

The heavy power capacity allows users for welding up to up to 3/8-inch-thick metal. For instance, it conveniently takes the load to work with stainless steel, mild steel. The machine is optimized to avoid too much spatter and ensure flawless welding. Once the work is done, it almost keeps the surrounding clean.

It features dual voltage. So, wherever you are, the power source is not a big issue. Moreover, the cable length is 13 feet. You could go for enough distance from the power source for convenient welding. All essential components such as the TIG torch, electrode holder, and work clamp are included.

  • Made with high-quality metal for strength
  • Dual voltage power source for users’ convenience
  • Suitable for welding metal with up to 3/8-inch thickness
  • Versatile design to perform a wide range of jobs
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport
  • The torch that comes it is bulky

How to Choose the Best Amico Welder?

Consider the following features to get the best Amico welder easily. It could help you to have a good concept on it.

Size and Weight

The first thing you need to consider is the welder’s size and weight. Especially, if you have the plan to carry the whole unit to the jobsite. Check the product description to know what is the overall weight and the dimension. Make sure the weight is suitable to carry single-handedly.

Type of Projects

No matter how good the welder is if it doesn’t meet your requirements. Find out what kind of projects you will do most. For instance, you may need to do TIG welding mostly. In that case, find a good Amico welder that allows for TIG welding.

Dual Voltage

As you have noticed in the Amico welder review, both items come with the dual voltage feature. The benefit of dual voltage is; it could easily connect to the power source without any adapter. No matter whatever the area is, when there is a power source, you could operate the machine.

Essential Components

Welders need some essential additional equipment with it. To purchase them, you may need to spend additionally and that won’t be a good idea. So, make sure the selected Amico welder comes with all essential stuff. For example, the torch, electrode holder, work clamp, etc. should be with the product.


#1. Are Amico welders good for professional jobs?

As this brand produces tons of products, you could easily pick the right one that meets the requirements for professional works. However, check the power capacity before you order to ensure it is enough for the projects. We also reviewed Amico CTS-200 3-in-1 combo welding machine.

#2. Should I pick an inverter welder or non-inverter welder?

Inverter welders are good for many reasons. The best thing is, they are used to be compact and easy to transport. With the same power capacity, it also saves energy which means there will be saving in the utility bill.

#3. Can I use an Amico DC welder with a generator?

Yes, you can. But you need to use an inverter Amico welder. This allows users to connect the welder directly with the generator. Then the inverter transforms the power and performs the welding work.

Both of these Amico welders come with great features. However, if you read the Amico 160 tig welder review, will find this one does have less feature compared to another one. The reason of difference between the feature is price. Amico 160 is cheaper than the Amico 200 welder.

No matter which one you are going to purchase, check for the authenticity of the vendor. Always order from the original manufacturer to get facilities like the warranty. 

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