Amico cts-200 Review : Can It Really Be Good For Your Welding ?

Amico CTS-200 review will help you have a better understanding of how it works. Amico CTS-200 is a 3-in-1 combo welding machine used by many welders. Whether you are a professional welder or a beginner, you will surely prefer a portable machine that is easy to use.

Weighing only 40 pounds and being just 20 inches long, Amico CTS 200 satisfies the desire of many welders. Let us start by examining the components included in the package. 

Material: Metal

Power Source: AC

Duty Cycle: 60% @50A & 100% @32A [plasma cutter], 60% @200A, 100% at 126A [TIG, STICK ARC]

Voltage: 110V and 230V dual

Air Pressure: 30 psi - 35 psi

Ideal cutting thickness: 3/4 inches

Efficiency: 85%

  • It is easy to use & affordable
  • With a carry handle, Amico CTS 200 is portable. It also has a lightweight.
  • The machine uses advanced IGBT technology to ensure automatic voltage and amperage regulation
  • It has an automatic temperature control mechanism working with a fan air cooling system
  • It has protection over overloading
  • The power factor and efficiency are high
  • Not recommended industrial use
  • It is not suitable for use on aluminum and aluminum-based alloys.
Who Needs This Machine?

Amico CTS 200 can be used by both beginners and professionals. The machine is perfect for doing home repair work. It can also be used in the workshop for more technical jobs. 

You can use it for cutting and welding a variety of materials like Steel, Chrome Moly, Stainless, and Titanium. Though this machine may not produce the kind of quality weld you get from industrial matching, its quality is great for its low cost.

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Amico cts-200

The 3-in-1 combo is also a good choice for people doing repair work on automobile bodies and small business project. This machine is more than a welding machine. When you weld, you will also like to do some little plasma cutting. With Amico CTS 200, you do not need separate machines for that. 

The combo comes with three major components, a plasma cutter, a TIG torch, and a stick arc. Therefore, you can use it for both welding and plasma cutting.

How Good Is It?

Amico CTS produces quality weld and quality plasma cutting for home use and workshop. However, the machine is not good enough for industrial use. Aside from not being suitable for cutting aluminum and aluminum-based alloys, it also produces an unstable arc sometimes.

Notwithstanding, Amico CTS 200 is a great tool for welding and plasma cutting.

Amico cts-200 Review [Key Benefits]

In this review, we will look at all features of Amico CTS 200 that are important to welders and plasma cutters.

# Voltage Regulation

Amico CTS 200 works on dual voltage; it is supported both by 110V as well as 230V. These are the common voltage supply. However, if your voltage suddenly fluctuates, you don’t have to worry as the equipment is protected by the advanced IGBT technology that regulates the voltage. Also it has a modern wave-form control system technology. 

Therefore, during welding, you cannot experience under voltage or over voltage damage or disruption.

# Duty Cycle

Amico CTS 200 components have different performances at different temperatures. For instance, the TIG torch and the Stick arc give the same 100 percent duty cycle at a current of 126 Amperes and 60% at 200 Amperes. 

The machine has a power factor of 0.93 and operates at an efficiency of 85%.

# Protection Against Overloading

The same can be said of the current. Amico CTS is perfectly protected against excess current and overloading.

# Amperage Control

Apart from preventing overloading, the machine is designed to give the exact current required during plasma cutting. This ensures the material is not over burnt. It also promotes a high-quality cutting job.

# Automatic Temperature Regulation

The equipment also has an automatic temperature regulation mechanism. The in-built fan is sensitive to changes in temperature. The speed at which it moves, therefore, depends on how hot the machine is. This helps to stabilize its temperature.

What is Included in This Product Package?

CTS-200 Welding Machine

Plasma cutting gun

TIG torch

Stick Arc

Electrode Holder

Adapter and Needles


Gas hose and user's manual

#1. Can I power the machine with a generator ?

Yes, if the power of the generator is above 8000 Watt.

#2. Can I use this Amico CTS 200 to weld Aluminum?

No, it cannot be used to weld aluminum.

#3. Does this machine has a warranty?

Yes it has a one year warranty. During the period, you will get the supply part free.

#4. What is the maximum cut thickness I can use the machine for ?

It can be used to cut up to ¾ inches. In stick it also weld 1/4 inch steel.

With our Amico CTS 200 review, we believe you can get the best DIY home repair jobs done without hassle. The machine can also be used in the workshop. It contains a TIG torch, stick arc, and plasma cutter for both welding and plasma cutting.

It is portable and has a lightweight, making it comfortable for home and workshop use. The machine also uses advanced IGBT technology for regulating the current and the voltage.

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