Ahp Alphatig 201xd vs 200x : Which Is Better?

No matter how similar two machines look, passionate welders can see the difference loud and clear. 

The Ahp Alphatig 201xd Vs 200x has been an ongoing debate for quite a while now, and many people can’t decide which one to opt for.

Ahp Alphatig 201xd vs 200x

So, this piece will explore the similarities and differences between the features and specification of the two models to help you make the right decision for yourself! If you are interested check out our in-depth Ahp Alphatig 200X Review

Ahp Alphatig 200x

Ahp Alphatig 201xd vs 200x : What’s different?

Design and Appearance

For the most part, both 200x and 201Xd have a pretty similar design and appearance. They are both tall and standing, having their control panels on a narrow front. On both models the sides of the body is in a beautiful yellow color with Alp’s logo on it. You can find the controls covered with a convenient lid to protect it from possible environmental or water damage and air vents on the sides.

However, the lids covering the controls are different in each model. The one on 201 is a frameless covering while the one on the 200 version has a frame. Plus, the ports on 201 have a slight rubber “frame” around them that protects them from dust. The 200x didn’t have that.


The older 200x weighs about 50 pounds. Whereas, Ahp Alphatig 201Xd weighs approximately 60; which is10 pounds heavier than its predecessor.

Portability and Storage

Even though 200x wasn’t too portable and easy to carry in the first place, an additional 10 pounds makes it even less possible to move around. 

However, both models have a large carry handle on top to make them easy to pick up.

In terms of storage, both models have a similar height and width. So, their storage-friendliness remains pretty much the same. 

Though you cannot tuck them wherever you want, they’re still pretty easy to store away on taller shelves.

Ahp Alphatig 200X Review
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The older 200x model had an input of 110/220 volts while the newer Aphatig 201Xd works on 110/240 volts. Although it might not be that much of a difference, but those who look into finer details might want to know about this aspect.

Additional Parts

The highlight of the differences between these two models is that the manufacturers listened to the users and redesigned their foot pedal. The 200x had a silver foot pedal that had its inconveniences and was very uncomfortable for many of its users. Thus, the 201Xd has an upgraded foot pedal which is much better in terms of quality, comfort, and efficiency.

Another significant difference is that 201xd has an interchangeable number 9 torch head and a regular number 17. Plus, the line of the torch is slightly different, smaller, and flatter than 200x’s. The rest of the parts and components are pretty much the same in both models.


First and foremost, in terms of performance 201 is a lot quieter, and the fans run smoothly. Plus, the pedal on alpha 201Xd helps control the functioning a lot better, and the new line is much easier to use and a lot more convenient. However, both the models work just as smoothly and have a very similar hands-on performance.


Both Ahp 200x and Ahp Alphatig 201xd have a similar price range with a difference of only a few hundred bucks. If you must know, the newer Alphatig 200xd is pricier, but considering the many upgrades it offers, consumers don’t mind investing the extra dollars.

Pros and Cons of Ahp Alphatig 201xd

Things I Liked
  • The new foot pedal is much more comfortable and convenient. It gives the user maximum control.
  • You also get an additional torch head and separate consumables for it.
  • Alpha 201Dx has an improved torch line.
  • Its fans are much quieter and even the high frequency sound is less aggressive to the ears.
  • The overall performance of this machine is just as good as 200x.
Things I Didn't Like
  • This upgraded version is slightly heavier than the 200x.

Pros and Cons of Ahp Alphatig 200xd

Things I Liked
  • It can produce precise and thin welds.
  • You get maximum control with this welder.
  • The performance is efficient and effective.
  • Ahp gives you a 3-year warranty with its purchase.
  • The carrying handle on top is a convenient feature.
Things I Didn't Like
  • The fans are slightly louder than some people would like.
  • A majority of its consumer population does not like the foot pedal that comes with Ahp 200x.

Overall, the two models are not that strakly different from each other, but if you look closely and have an eye for the details, you’ll see how they are different in terms of usability. Slight differences here and there make Ahp Alphatig 201Xd a much better upgraded version than its predecessor, and while you cannot see it, you’ll feel it while using it.

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