Ahp Alphatig 200X Review : Is It Worth Buying?

A real welder can understand the importance of a high-quality welding machine. They do the job best. True welders are also familiar with the Ahp 200x welding machines and just how good they are.

Ever since the product came onto the shelves, it has made its reputation and welders love it in every Ahp Alphatig 200x review. However, there have been several updates and other options on the market since then. You can also enjoy our in-depth comparison between Ahp Alphatig 201xd vs 200x.

So, the question is this, is the Ahp 200x still the classic predecessor? Are its features and characteristics good enough for the modern world? Let’s review it in detail and find out!

Input phase -> Phase 1

Input voltage -> 110/240 volts

Output power -> 140A/200A

Rated Input Current -> 42.2-58.2A (MMA) 28-37.4A (TIG)

Pulse Frequency -> 0.5-5Hz

Arc Ignition Mode -> High-Frequency arc ignition

Weldable materials -> Aluminum, stainless steel, and steel

  • The results are smooth and precise.
  • You get a 3-year warranty.
  • The design is simple and user-friendly.
  • It is relatively budget-friendly.
  • The additional parts make it very versatile .
  • Both beginners and professionals can easily use it.
  • The fans are noisy.
  • The foot pedal is very uncomfortable.
  • It is not as portable as you’d like.

Who Is This Welder Designed For?

The manufacturers of Ahp 200x designed it with all kinds of potential users in mind. The user-friendliness and efficiency of the welder are ideal for those who have minimal to no experience working with welders.

At the same time, they are suitable for those who have to use them every day. The machine is easy to use and has both basic and advanced features to accomplish all types of tasks. 

Hence, the Ahp AlphaTig 200x is for both beginners and professional welders. Plus, if you need a backup welding machine or don’t want to spend a lot of money on one, Ahp AlphaTig 200x will be a perfect choice.

Key Benefits Of The Ahp AlphaTig 200x

This model was an immediate hit in the market because it came with the best features. Welders found it up to the mark as it made their job more manageable, and they preferred it over most of the other competitors. These tremendous characteristics are as follows:

# Design and Appearance

With a length and width of 20 and 9 inches respectfully, the Ahp AlphaTig 200x is a rectangular standing welding machine with plain sides and the controls on a narrow front. The sides are a beautiful shade of yellow with Ahp’s logo on it along with the air vents.

The rest of the machine is black. The welder also has a top carrying handle and four rigid legs to support the machine. While these details are primarily plastic, the body of the welder is entirely stainless steel.

# Input and Output

Ahp AlphaTig 200x has an input voltage of 110 volts with 140A output and 240 volts for 200A output. With pulse width modulation and advanced inverter technology through IGBT technology, this welding machine provides tremendous performance and smooth functioning. The welder also runs on 200 Hertz and 10-200 welding amperage range

ahp alphatig 200x review
# Compatibility and Performance

The abilities of the Ahp AlphaTig 200x work best on aluminum, stainless steel, and material with a thin gauge. With its 200 Hz frequency, it can weld ¼ inches of aluminum, ⅜ interest of mild steel, and the capability to weld 7018, 6013.


The controls hide behind a framed plastic lid that covers them completely. This covering protects the control panel from external damage and makes sure no one accidentally changes the settings. All the dials are black, and the switches are red for prominence.

Plus, each of these controls has a proper, readable label underneath to increase usability and reduce confusion. Below this primary control panel is a series of ports that allow wire connectivity.

These controls include dials for starting amperes, main amperes, and ending amperes. You can also control the Pulse frequency, pulse amperes, pulse time on, AC frequency, AC balance, and the Post flow. Four switches belong to AC/DC, 2T/4T, and other frequency and wavelength settings.

What's Included?

Ahp AlphaTig 200x comes with several attachments and additional components. While this may not be an absolute necessity for a lot of users, they make the machine more usable, convenient, functional, and versatile. These additional items include:

NEMA 6-50 Plug Wire on cord end

110 v plug adaptor

Foot pedal

Argon regulator

9 feet ground clamp

9 feet stick holder

14 feet Tir torch with WP17 head

Consumables for the torch

Gas line

Trigger switch

Ahp Alphatig 200X Review
source: longezproject.blogspot.com

Who Makes the Ahp AlphaTig 200x?

Ahp is a manufacturing company that designs, develops, and sells welding machines and equipment. So far, their product list includes MIG and TIG welding machines and welding accessories that include torches, pedals, lines, etc. 

All of these products are well-designed and easily accessible. Over the years, Ahp has made a strong positive reputation for bringing forward durable, user-friendly, and economical welding products.


#1. Is This Machine Portable?

Considering that it weighs about 60 to 70 pounds, you cannot call this welding machine portable. It is quite heavy and not as easy to move around. Hence, you will have to figure out a permanent spot for this machine, or you will need help every time you want to use it.

#2. Is it Easy to Store?

Its height of 22 inches does not precisely allow you to put it in cabinets or under shelves. However, the rectangular design is quite easy to tuck away next to walls or empty corners. Relatively larger shelves or longer cabinets can also be an excellent way to hide these machines away.

#3. Does it Have a Warranty??

Yes, Ahp AlphaTig 200x comes with a 3-year warranty. This warranty ensures that you can use the machine to its fullest, and if it shows any incompetencies, the company will be answerable to your queries.

Ahp AlphaTig 200x is a classic example of the ideal welding machine. When it first came into the market, the consumers loved it. Even though there are plenty of improved and upgraded models in the market now, it is still perfect for those who are ready to compromise on a few places to get a classic product in a budget-friendly price range. It looks like the predecessor is still good enough and is probably here to stay!

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